Son Gohan’s True Power In Dragon Ball Super

Son Gohan’s True Power In Dragon Ball Super

Back before the Tournament Gohan fans FINALLY got what we all wanted, and that was Gohan to get his “fighting spirit” back and to start having a hand in fights and battles again.


Seeing this sparked a lot of questions and mystery around Gohan. From how strong is he now? Is Gohan weaker or more strong then before? How far can Gohan go in terms of power? In this Article I’m going to dig through all the hints the writers have dropped and hopefully shed some light on this.


Ever since Gohan decided to give up Martial Arts and become a student fans all over the Dragon Ball Community were upset to say the least. Gohan has always has the most potential out of any fighter ever shown in the entire series. Gohan has overcome any obstacle put in front of him, and let nothing stop him from achieving his goal no matter how small, or how large. From getting Senzu’s back to his friends, to smashing out of a Space Capsule and stomping Radditz when he was only a little kid with no Martial Arts experience. Then probably Gohan’s finest moment putting an end to Perfect Cell with just one hand! Gohan has had a great showing in the entirety of Dragon Ball until he gave it all up which was shown when Frieza came back. Frieza being in base form, Gohan should of been able to put up a decent fight against him.



I have reason to believe Gohan will surpass his limits and reach a level of power never seen in Dragon Ball. With saying this, I’m not saying Gohan will surpass Whis, or Beerus or even Goku for that matter but Gohan will reach a power that rivals Goku’s with a different kind of power. That power, is the Mystic form! We have yet to see everything there is to this “Mystic” Form Gohan received from the Elder Kai. All we know is that its an old power developed by the Kai’s, and as we know Kai’s are basically Gods. So saying that, Gohan could have a type of God ki that is completely different from Goku’s but still God ki.



We also know Gohan has yet to master this Form yet. Piccolo mentioned to Gohan “How much stronger he has gotten, and that he can go much higher”. Gohan has also mentioned to Goku that “he wants to achieve a form different from anyone else and perfect/master it”. What would be a different form then anybody? This “Mystic” Form! This Mystic Form is what sets Gohan apart from any other fighter. If we see Gohan master this form we can very well see a new Transformation for Gohan. Maybe this “Super Saiyan White” that was hinted a while back but clashed with the current Villain at the time it was talked about Zamasu.


What are all your thoughts? Do you think Gohan will get a new transformation? Will Gohan master this Mystic form? Let us know all your idea’s and opinions in the comments down below. As always thanks for reading!

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Another Clue That Vegeta Is Going To Be Eliminated Next

Every Vegeta fans are agonizing over the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. Vegeta is confirmed to be the third wheel on the next episode and it puts him to risk of elimination. The other two fighters that will be fighting is Master Roshi and Frost. As much as we want to see Vegeta in action, we prefer to see him fight after another Universe 7 warrior fall. Why? Well, he might be the next victim of the elimination curse theory.

Though we don’t want to see the Saiyan Prince go yet, there’s another clue that Vegeta could be the next one eliminated. And this clue is not even related to the anime opening or ending whatsoever. This clue was given by a Dragon Ball Super writer, Toshio Yoshita. Toshio answered a tweet from a DBS fan asking if Vegeta is really going to fall next episode.


Twitter user Vodo asked if Vegeta is going to be eliminated next. Toshio, without giving much, hinted that Vegeta’s luck might run out next episode. He never directly said that Vegeta is going to be eliminated. But that smirking emoticon confirms that Vegeta will be fighting next week. According to Ken Xyro, Vegeta will be the next target as written on FujiTV website. That’s another bad news for Vegeta fans.

Well, it kinda makes sense that Vegeta one of the most targetable warriors of Universe 7. He has beaten Magetta and Frost in the Universe 6 and Universe 7 friendly match.

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Another Clue That Vegeta Is Going To Be Eliminated Next