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Hit Vs Jiren Results, Goku Survives But? DBS Episode Spoilers

Hit Vs Jiren Results

Hey there Dragon Ball fans, we have some groundbreaking information coming in pertains to Dragon Ball Super episodes 111-114 spoilers in which reveal shocking revelation. Ironically enough not only for just Hit vs Jiren, but also moving forward into the world of Dragon Ball, as we go into the Tournament of Power’s conclusion, alongside the Dragon Ball Super one-hour special. As we have some brand new spoilers coming in for Hit vs Jiren,as we came to a definitive understanding based on last nights spoiler leaks, that Hit vs Jiren is bound to be a very violent battle. We have brand new additional information that may shock you guys.


As Dragon Ball Super episode 111 is entitled “A Battle of Extreme Level! Hit vs Jiren!! The description goes as follows: “Jiren of Universe 11, deflects the Spirit Bomb launched by Son Goku of Universe 7, and then is confronted by Hit of Universe 6. Hit lets Jiren attack him on purpose, so he can figure out a strategy against his attacks. Then, Hit uses Time Skip but that doesn’t work against Jiren at all.”

doesn’t work against Jiren at all

Dragon Ball Super episode 112 is entitled “Vow of Saiyans! Vegeta’s Resolve!” The description goes as follows: ” In order to let Caulifla and the others be able to fight stronger enemies at full power, Cabba of Universe 6 goes against Monna of Universe 4 to help his team. However, Cabba is blown away only to be rescued by Vegeta at the last moment. Vegeta, as Cabba’s master tells him to fight with no regrets.”

Cabba’s master

Dragon Ball Super episode 113 is entitled “Having Fun! Combat Loving Saiyans Battle Once More!! The Description goes as follows: “Universe 3 warriors target Goku since he’s exhausted from his battle with Jiren, but Caulifla comes to the rescue. And then, she asks him to fight her. Goku is happy with her offer, but he doesn’t have the strength to transform into a Super Saiyan yet, but he says he’ll slowly gain his strength back during their fight.”

Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Super episode 114 entitled “Dreadful Situation! Sudden Appearance of the New Warrior!” The description goes as follows: “Goku’s attacks overwhelm Kale while he’s fighting against her and Caulifla, and the tension gradually increases. Then, she transforms into Super Saiyan Berserk…”

Super Saiyan Berserk

So we have a whole lot of stuff happening right now, we understand based on what’s gonna be happening between Jiren and Hit’s Time Skip fails completely. It looks like Hit is actually getting beat up on purpose just to figure out a strategy. But, it looks like he is getting hit on purpose just to figure out the way Jiren’s fighting. As we understand that Goku is still in this battle, however, he is damaged, but we see how Caulifla and Kale are assisting the Universe 7’s warriors. They’re kind of working together in conjunction to fight Universe 3, to fight Universe 4. With that being said it looks like one of Universe 4’s was just about to ring out Cabba, but Vegeta makes the save. So what’s going on between Cabba and Vegeta? Is there some sort of relationship being built there to where possibly we might see some sort of collaboration with Cabba and Vegeta?

Cabba and Vegeta

Whatever happens to Hit during all of this is unknown. It is not confirmed that Hit gets rung out, in fact he’s actually still in this tournament match, we just don’t know what happens after he uses his Time Skip on Jiren. But, it looks like as we carry on forward, Goku remains in the ring alongside various other characters. So there is no definitive Universe having to be erased, there is no definitive information as to what happens to Ribrianne or Universe 3 or Universe 4 or even in the fact for some of the other fighters as well.But we understand that Goku is severely damaged to the point where he can’t even use Super Saiyan to fight off against Caulifla, but there is tension rising as Kale once again transforms into Super Saiyan Berserk during Dragon Ball Super episode 114.

Dragon Ball Super episode 114

We’re gonna have a mixture of the Universe 6 Saiyans, to not only battle against Universe 4, but also against Universe 3. Presumably enough we can make the assumption that during this entire time Hit and Jiren are either still slugging it out or there is a definitive winner between the two. So we have loads of information coming guys. As we understand there is no conclusive ring out for anybody yet, but we are gonna get new information as the days carry on by. As this is groundbreaking that Goku in incapacitated, but it looks like just because he is down and out doesn’t mean definitively that he is out of the picture for good. As of right now he is simply recovering and trying to rejuvenate himself.


Now again we don’t know for sure if he absorbs the Spirit Bomb, if somehow he’s going to master Self-Movement, none of that has been absolutely 100% confirmed yet. But it looks like Jiren does in fact do a number on Goku, to the point where Goku literally can’t do anything to fight back or at least not yet until he gains the strength that he needs to stand back up and transform further and combating the people that are still left in the ring. So let me know what you guys think, do you believe Jiren will do to Hit what he did to Goku and that’s decimate him or will it be the other way around? Again let me know your thoughts on this and again like always ill see you guys on the next one see ya!

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Is Zeno-Sama A Replaceable?

The two Zeno-samas are rather two very unique characters in the Dragon Ball Super. They do not fit in the known categories of strong characters. Rather, they made a new category in which an OP entity can erase Universes by closing their fists. And yet there’s a possibility that Satan’s punch can make them unconscious.

Satan’s punch can make them unconscious

The Tournament of Power was actually made just for the two Zeno-samas. If they weren’t entertained, there’s a possibility that they will erase all the participant Universes. Even the Gods of Destruction cannot do anything to help their Universes. It is all up to the warriors to save their Universes and their existence.

warriors to save their Universes and their existence

It was mentioned before by Frieza that he wants to rule over the Zeno-samas and all the universes. Frieza actually plans to replace Zeno-sama and own all the known things that the Zenos own.Well, of course, the first thing that was noticed by the viewers was Frieza’s unparalleled evilness and his unending greed for power. But …

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