Goku vs Vegeta Rematch In Dragon Ball Super?

Goku vs Vegeta

One of the biggest moments for most, if not all fans is when Goku and Majin Vegeta went all out in a very epic battle! Ever since then most fans have been wondering, we will ever get to see 2 of the strongest Saiyans go at it again?

Goku vs Vegeta

Through out Dragon Ball Z, we would see Vegeta trail Goku in power and strength always falling behind. Finally in Super we briefly see what it’s like when Vegeta and Goku are on the same level! When both Vegeta and Goku were shown achieving Super Saiyan Blue, it was a great moment for Vegeta fans knowing Vegeta wasn’t left behind!

Goku vs Vegeta

Ever since the introduction of both, Goku and Vegeta achieving the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, the big question was “Will we ever see Goku vs Vegeta 2?”, and we just may very well get it!

Vegeta has been shown to calm down in the way of wanting to “get rid” of Goku like the good ol’ Vegeta back in Dragon Ball Z, in Resurrection F when Freiza offers Vegeta to kill Goku, and Vegeta replies back “Even tho he annoy’s me, I can’t kill Kakarot, I need him to push me”, showing that Vegeta has finally realized that revenge is not the answer to power!

Goku vs Vegeta

Whenever Vegeta is shown to come to a drastic realization he reaches a new level in power, or development/evolution! Back in Dragon Ball Z when Majin Vegeta came to the harsh realization that being evil is not the way to become the strongest and that family ties is a better motivator to achieve power, we saw Vegeta come back better then ever!

Goku vs Vegeta

In earlier episodes and even episodes leading up to the Tournament of Power we see Vegeta training even more then before, from always being on Beerus’s planet even without Goku, to training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and even the Gravity Chamber. This could be Vegeta just wanting to stick with his goal of surpassing Goku, but could Vegeta have another goal in mind? Vegeta has always been shown to have the most outspoken confidence in his power, and that has never been more clear in episodes leading up to the Tournament of Power, and even in the Tournament of Power!

Goku vs Vegeta

What really makes me think we could get a Vegeta vs Goku 2, is something Vegeta said before he started one of his training sessions in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Just as Vegeta was powering up, and starting his training he said “The one to defeat Kakarot and win the Tournament of Power will be me, Vegeta!!” That tells me that Vegeta isn’t dead set on just using Goku to push him and become stronger, Vegeta is getting ready for the day that Goku and himself and lay everything on the line and go all out against each other 1 more time!

Goku vs Vegeta

What are your thoughts? Do you think we will ever get to see Goku vs Vegeta 2? Does Vegeta have any tricks up his pocket just for Goku? Let’s keep the conversation going by leaving your opinions and idea’s in the comments down below! As always, thanks for reading!

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