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Is Gohan Going To Be More Powerful Than Goku In The Future?


When you talk to a Dragon Ball fan about Gohan, you’ll get a variety of reactions. Most of the reaction you will get will be dissappointment about how Gohan really sucked later on after his discovery of Super Saiyan 2. You will find some fans that are not that disappointed and is still hoping that Gohan will go back to his former badass self. Some do not care at all because they are more of a Goku and Vegeta fans. You’ll find just a tiny fraction of viewers who understand Gohan’s character.


Gohan lacks his father’s enthusiasm to get stronger and stronger. He was never born a fighter, he is a person that is happier when holding a book than wearing a training Gi. But what he has that his father never had is this potential that he was born with.


This makes me ask a question: had he ever tried to train as hard or harder than his father and Vegeta, will he be able to stand against Beerus in the current time? What if he trained with Whis on Beerus’ planet and also accessed the Super Saiyan God? Will he be the most powerful Saiyan and Earthling in the whole Universe 7?


That thought is not only possible but in fact, more possible than Goku’s chance to be the very best that he will ever be. On Gohan’s state when his potential was unlocked by the Old Kai, he is the only one who stood a chance alone against Buu. I know this is a very old argument, but it is still very true.


And while Goku and Vegeta always aim for a higher form that will definitely have a higher multiplier, Gohan’s mystic form will be the very form he’ll ever need. Sure, Goku and Vegeta will be much, much stronger than him, but they can only carry that power in a short amount of time. And instead of trying to get a new form, Gohan could make his Mystic Form more powerful infinitely.


Gohan’s mystic form will gain more power the more he trains. And because of his potential, he will be just like Frieza who managed to get so strong in training for six months. Imagine if Gohan trained with Whis in one year. I think he can get all the training that he lacks, plus all the achievements Vegeta and Goku made.


I also think that Gohan is more suited to be the future God of Destruction. He has a great mind, a great power, and also, a sense of duty that makes him carry his obligations. If there’s one thing that will be a hindrance about this idea, that would be because he would not like what he would do.

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