Another Clue That Vegeta Is Going To Be Eliminated Next

Another Clue That Vegeta Is Going To Be Eliminated Next

Every Vegeta fans are agonizing over the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. Vegeta is confirmed to be the third wheel on the next episode and it puts him to risk of elimination. The other two fighters that will be fighting is Master Roshi and Frost. As much as we want to see Vegeta in action, we prefer to see him fight after another Universe 7 warrior fall. Why? Well, he might be the next victim of the elimination curse theory.

Though we don’t want to see the Saiyan Prince go yet, there’s another clue that Vegeta could be the next one eliminated. And this clue is not even related to the anime opening or ending whatsoever. This clue was given by a Dragon Ball Super writer, Toshio Yoshita. Toshio answered a tweet from a DBS fan asking if Vegeta is really going to fall next episode.


Twitter user Vodo asked if Vegeta is going to be eliminated next. Toshio, without giving much, hinted that Vegeta’s luck might run out next episode. He never directly said that Vegeta is going to be eliminated. But that smirking emoticon confirms that Vegeta will be fighting next week. According to Ken Xyro, Vegeta will be the next target as written on FujiTV website. That’s another bad news for Vegeta fans.

Well, it kinda makes sense that Vegeta one of the most targetable warriors of Universe 7. He has beaten Magetta and Frost in the Universe 6 and Universe 7 friendly match. The two has a grudge against him and will be more than happy to team up to defeat him. Kakarot might be helping him, but because Master Roshi would be the target, Kakarot would surely prioritize the old man. Though Vegeta can take care of his own, he would have a hard time dealing with two opponents at once.


And there’s a reason why Vegeta would need to stay in the Tournament of Power. His comeback against Hit is one of the most anticipated fights. It has been a while since we see Vegeta beating powerful opponents. He is always the one getting beaten. Now’s the perfect time for the Saiyan Prince to redeem himself. And the perfect character that will make Vegeta’s comeback perfect would be Hit.

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Here Is Why Goku Might Be Eliminated

Whoops, hold your horses before you throw me in the Mafuba jar. I know that the majority of the viewers want Goku to defeat Jiren. But there are a lot of theories regarding Universe 7 elimination order in the Tournament of Power. Anime opening and ending might just be for aesthetics. But some of the good folks with creative imagination transform these into anime theories. And some of these theories were true.

Two possible theories circulate right now in the Tournament of Power. The most famous one is the anime ending video which features the song Haruka by Lacco Tower (I know you’ll search it). So far, this theory has been correct. The first to get eliminated was Krillin, who was the first person to appear in the video. Tien Shinhan was the next one eliminated. The fear of Vegeta fans right now is that Vegeta is the next to appear in the video.

The second one comes from the opening video of Dragon Ball Super. The video features Limit Break x Survivor by Kiyoshi Hikawa. The elimination order follows the number of Dragon Ball stars they were holding. Krillin got the one star Dragon Ball so he was the first to go. Tien Shinhan was said to hold the two star Dragon Ball. The number of Dragon Ball stars in some of the stars cannot be seen clearly.

This is a more preferred theory for Vegeta fans. It is said that those who are holding Dragon Balls will be the one who will be eliminated.

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