Are These Characters Going To Fuse In Tournament Of Power?

Are These Characters Going To Fuse In Tournament Of Power?

Since the Tournament of Power was announced people have been wondering if Fusion is allowed during the Tournament. If Goku’s new Transformation isn’t enough for Jiren what else can Goku and the other’s do to ensure our Universe wins?

In this Article I’m going to break down the mystery of Fusion in the Tournament of Power, and what potential role it could play in the Tournament.

Ever since Vegeta said to Goten and Trunks that fusion is not allowed, and considering the Potara Earings are considered an item people automatically thought Fusion was not allowed. That’s not necessarily true. Just because Vegeta says so, doesn’t mean its entirely accurate.

Yes, the Potara Fusion would be illegal in the Tournament of Power but not the Metamorese Fusion Dance, and here’s why! It has be said over and over as long as its a Technique that a participant is able to do it will be acceptable. So this would mean the Metamorese Fusion Dance seeing how it is a Technique with no help from an item.

Considering that, and if Fusion due to the Metamorese Fusion Dance is allowed considering its a Technique then who would Goku fuse with? The obvious choice and first thought would be Vegeta given they have history fusing with one another with the Potara Earings.

Yes, I know, Gogeta is NOT canon, and some will even go as far as to say Vegeta doesn’t know the dance. I think that’s false! I personally think Vegeta does know the Metamorese Fusion Dance, not because he’s done it before but simply by watching and seeing Goten and Trunks do it. Think about it, that’s how Goten and Trunks learned it was by watching Goku and Piccolo do it.

What if Vegeta is already eliminated when this is brought up? Who could Goku possibly fuse with? Enter Gohan!! Let me explain where I’m coming from here first. All the way back in the Buu Arc in Dragon Ball Z Goku was going to Earth with Potara Earings in hand looking for who to fuse with?

Gohan! Due to being taken out previously by Buu Gohan was not around to fuse with Goku, which led him to fuse with Vegeta, and Gohan to unlock his Potential with the Elder Kai and this could be the perfect time to re-explore that idea. Something else to back this is how close Gohan and Goku have become lately with Gohan regaining his fighting spirit, and Goku vowing to “Go to the Top” with Gohan.


Both Gohan and Goku are seen to be together at the end of the intro together charging, maybe that’s symbolic for something bigger with father and son. We saw a huge father and son moment with Vegeta and Trunks in the Black Arc, this could be Gohan and Goku’s moment.


What are all your thoughts? Do you think we will see fusion? If we do, who will be fusing? Who would you like to see fuse? Leave your thoughts, idea’s and opinions in the comments down below. As always thanks for reading!

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