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Pokemon GO: Mewtwo Is Finally Released

Mewtwo Lauched

Guys the moment we all have been waiting for an entire year, is finally here. The most iconic Legendary Pokemon ever Mewtwo is here at last! It is giving me Goose Bumps to see Mewtwo finally making it to Pokemon Go. (Really it’s a fanboying moment for me.)

Ok, so here is the deal right. There are a series of Epic Battles taking place right now, in the city of Yokohama at the official Pokemon GO Stadium event. Mewtwo has been released as an exclusive Raid Boss for all the Stadium attendees, with a Boss Max CP of 49,430.

Register to Pokedex

With that being said, it was sort of expected to see this release following the GAME_MASTER file changes seen a few hours ago. So this is what is actually happening at the Pokemon Go Stadium event.

Mewtwo Upgrade

You get an exclusive Raid Ticket that is going to last only for 15 Minutes. This Raid Ticket will allow you to battle the might Mewtwo and have a chance to capture it. Now be advised this Pokemon is a lot harder to beat than Zapdos or Moltres. You can literally see people running all around the place to get a chance at beating Mewtwo.

Mewtwo CP

Additionally, our latest intel reports us that Mewtwo has made an appearance at all the Pokemon Go Stadium PokeStops. After you are successful at beating the Raid Boss Mewtwo. They give you 50 balls as the base if you managed to miss that much. The catch rate is 100%.

YES! You heard that right people! that catch rate is a *insert the f word here* 100%. Although it is disappointing to see there is no anti-spoofing mechanism in place this time around. But hell yes this is exciting.

Mewtwo CP

From what we see the possible moves for Mewtwo include, Psycho Cut and Confusion as quick moves. And Charge Moves include Hyper Beam, Psychic and freaking Shadow Ball. There are no official numbers yet, our dev team is performing battle simulations to see the what the ideal move set for Mewtwo is. But many trainers are already opinionated that Confusion, Psychic is the best there is.

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The Release of Generation 3 Pokemon is Just Around The Corner

Pokemon Go game came in July 2016 and it had a lot of ups and downs during first few months and because of that many players left the game, but when events were introduced, many players returned to the game, Halloween event was the most popular event among Pokemon trainers.

3rd gen

Later in February Generation 2 Pokemon were release and it was all crazy, same old feeling when Pokemon Go came out and majority of players returned to the game. Starting of 2017, Niantic promised us four major updates this year and out of 4 we have already got 3 updates. First was Generation 2 Pokemon, second was Gym Rework, and third was Legendary Pokemon.

2nd gen

The 4th one could be trading or Generation 3, I believe it’s still too early for trading and Generation 3 Pokemon is needed because trainers are starting to get bored in the game as many trainers have caught most Pokemon from generation 1 and generation 2.

Another reason I believe we will be seeing Generation 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go is because, Generation 2 Pokemon came out after 7 months of Pokemon Go’s initial release, and it’s been almost 7 months since Generation 2 came out, Pokemon trainers needs something new to stick around.

At the very moment majority of trainers who lives in Urban area are enjoying the Legendary Raids and catching many Legendaries, Articuno, Lugia, Moltres and Zapdos but the players in rural area are leaving the game since most of them don’t have anything more to do in Pokemon Go and can’t catch legendary or do raids because there are no Gyms at all in Rural Areas. Good news for Urban area trainers, more Legendaries are coming in upcoming month, so that’s a good thing.

Even though Pokemon Go team is not giving out any information or hints on generation 3, there are few facts that Gen 3 is on the way:

3rd gen

1. As I mentioned above, Niantic promised us four major updates in 2017, and we have already got three of them. First was Generation 2 Pokemon, second was Gym Rework, and third was Legendary Pokemon.

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