Monkey D. Dragon’s Real Identity

Monkey D. Dragon’s Real Identity

There are many theories about Monkey D. Dragon and how he was an admiral prior the Revolutionary Army and today we will be discussing one of those theories.

Most anime and manga have a relation to mythology and One Piece follows one too. In One Piece we have 4 seas, North, South, East and West blue seas. In pre-Han Dynasty China, the original 4 seas were a metaphor to the borders of China. 2 of them were associated with real locations, the East China Sea and the South China Sea. During the Han Dynasty, the Chinese also won the North (Lake Baikal) and West Seas (Qinghai Lake).


These seas have 4 colours that are associated with them yellow, red, white and blue. In Japanese mythology, they have the same but instead of white, they have black.

Apart from those colours, overtime those colours became 4 animals yellow monkey, red dog, white dragon and blue bird.


These represent the 4 seas, now we have two sides that represents this mythology, the 4 Yonkos representing the seas being: North – Whitebeard, South – Big Mom, West – Red Hair Shanks and East – Kaidou.

The colours and animals represent 4 admirals Yellow Monkey – Kizaru, Blue Bird – Aokiji, Red Dog – Akainu and White Dragon – Monkey D. Dragon. 4 seasons are represented by them too Spring, Winter, Summer and Autumn respectively.

Now it comes to the theory, Monkey D. Dragon’s father is Garp, a vice admiral had an ambition to recruit Luffy and Ace into becoming marines. As Dragon is his son, Garp pushed Dragon into becoming a marine. Dragon might have been an admiral because of his title the most wanted man. Garp multiple times said he doesn’t want to become an admiral because of this reason, they have loads of responsibilities, less freedom as they get direct orders from the Celestial Dragons and he couldn’t follow his own conscious as he have to give an example to the lower ranks much more than if is just a vice admiral. If Dragon was an admiral, this would be a position he don’t want too as he seen the damage and toll it left on his son.


Why is Dragon the most dangerous man, the most wanted man and the World Government biggest enemy?

This theory suggests that the only way to have this hatred pointed towards Dragon only if he had been a crucial part of the organisation, knowing the juiciest of secrets about them and after all betraying them.


In this theory, Dragon was an admiral he was in charge to find where Uranus is, he found it out and had no intention to reveal it to them. He knew what the Nobles are like as he might receive direct orders from them. He knew how they acted towards humanity and his hatred towards Nobles have been shown on the series. If Dragon went for Uranus and left the Marines, this would certainly be a huge betrayal leading towards his title.


Uranus comes along this theory as Uranus is derived from the Greek God Ouranos which means sky or heaven but it’s etymology meaning is ouréō “to urinate”, varṣá “rain” and ṷarša “fog, mist”. Also, before I said white dragon in animals bit, but in Japanese it would be black dragon. Black dragon in Japanese mythology, summons typhoons. Rain, fog, mist and typhoons should seem familiar by now, as Monkey D. Dragon is seen always surrounded by them.

Monkey D. Dragon’s real Power

The Marines are ordered not to mention anything about Dragon and all his records were erased. This is the reason why Monkey D. Garp every time mentioning him is seen pick up his nose and looks like he shouldn’t be saying these things.


I hope these hints will add up once we know the truth about Monkey D. Dragon as all we can do up to this point is speculate. Hope you enjoyed this theory, comment below and see you on the next one.


11 One Piece Characters Who Has Awakened Devil Fruits

On my last post, I explained the Awakening and how it might affect different devil fruit types and talked about One Piece characters who officially had an awakening. Today I will be discussing 11 Devil Fruit Users who had an awakening. We all know how Oda like to foreshadow and leave small hints to upcoming events.

So here are the top characters who probably achieved Awakening for their Devil Fruits:

Awakened Zoan types can withstand huge amount of damage dealt to them. Even after they seem to have been dealt with and dead, Zoans can almost revive from huge attacks just like the Awakened Jailer Beasts. 2 Character that might have succeeded in achieving Awakening are:


Having a dumb looking face, he is quite ferocious in his attacks. He ate an unknown devil fruit that makes him turn into a cow.



Like all Mino he is one of the 5 Jailer Beasts. He also ate an unknown devil like the rest that makes hin turn into a rhino.



Like the rest of the Jailer Beasts, this guy can recover quite fast while having a snot nose and the same uncontrollable blood lust to torture inmates.



With his luscious hair and shy personality, he is one fearsome and brutal opponent. He ate an unknown devil fruit that turns him into a zebra, the Jailer Beasts fear Sadi for their failure to capture Luffy and the others.



As this guy appeared just after the timeskip, we do not know for certain that he is awakened but as the rest of the Jailer Beasts share the same characteristic he may also be awakened. He uses his rope to hang and torture prisoners.




There was a ticking time bomb that will obliterate Alabasta but in the last seconds Pell grabbed it and took off in the air. After the bomb detonated, we thought he is done for but at the end he survived and seen his own grave.



Yeah, I know this might seem crazy. His original devil fruit allows him to have 3 transformations but with the help of the rumble ball he could access 7 forms pre-time skip. After the time skip he only uses the rumble ball for Monster point. The rumble ball is a mean to achieve awakening faster. My guess, he will achieve full awakening when he doesn’t need the rumble ball and a time limit for his Monster Point.

In the category of Paramecia, we know of Donquixote Doflamingo achieving Awakening. The Awakening of Paramecia is achieved when the can affect their surrounding area by the type of devil fruit they have, DD turned buildings into string to fight Luffy’s Gear 4.7



Magellan’s awakening power is different from DD. Instead of turning buildings in venom he can produce access venom and finally turning it into a venom demon that he can control by the movements he makes and possibly by mentally controlling it.

Continue reading the post.

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