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Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Zapdos Is Live And How To Beat Zapdos


As we know Team Mystic was placed first, Team Valor was placed second and Team Instinct was placed thrid in Pokemon Go Fest since they contributed least in the mystery challenges at Pokemon Go Fest.

Team Mystic’s legendary bird Articuno was released first to the trainers in real world and later Team Valor’s legendary bird Moltres was released. As of today August 7, 2017, Moltres is no longer available, we have no idea when we will be able to catch Moltres and Articuno in Pokemon Go again, but yeah we have a good news for trainers.

How to beat Zapdos
Team Instinct’s Legendary Bird Zapdos – Pokemon Go

The good news is, Team Instinct’s legendary bird Zapdos is making it’s way to real world right now, trainers around the world are reporting that they are seeing Zapdos raid in place of Moltres since Moltres was replaced by Zapdos today. Team Instinct’s Legendary bird will be appearing worldwide for 7 days from Monday, August 7, 2017 to Monday, August 14, 2017.

Legendary Pokemon Catch Rate


How to beat Zapdos
Team Instinct’s Legendary Bird – Zapdos

Here is the catch rate for Legendary Pokemon from our last post on Moltres, and legendary Pokemon are very hard to catch. Take a look at the catch rates below, without Berry, with Razz Berry and with Golden Razz Berry.

No Berry –

Normal: 3.00%

Nice: 3.45%

Great: 4.50%

Excellent: 5.55%

No Berry – Curveball

Normal: 5.10%

Nice: 5.87%

Great: 7.65%

Excellent: 9.44%

Razz Berry –

Razz Berry
Razz Berry

Normal: 4.50%

Nice: 5.18%

Great: 6.75%

Excellent: 8.32%

Razz Berry – Curveball

Normal: 7.60%

Nice: 8.87%

Great: 9.65%

Excellent: 10.44%

Golden Razz Berry

Golden Razz Berry
Golden Razz Berry

Normal: 7.50%

Nice: 8.67%

Great: 11.25%

Excellent: 13.99%

Golden Razz Berry – Curveball

Normal: 12.60%

Nice: 14.87%

Great: 18.65%

Excellent: 23.41%

What you need to do is, use a Golden Razz Berry every time you throw a Premier Ball and make sure you are throwing a curveball, this will increase your chance of catching Zapdos. You are likely to catch Zapdos, within 5-6 tries at max.

How to beat Zapdos

To defeat Zapdpremos in a raid battle, you will need good counters as Zapdos has the highest Combat Power and attack out of all three Legendary birds. You will need to use Ice and Rock Type Pokemon, and in Rock Type, you need to use Pokemon that can use Stone Edge move, as I explained earlier in Moltres post, Stone Edge is third most powerful attack in Pokemon Go. While taking Attack and Defense stats in the account, Stone Edge attack does a base damage of 232. There are many Rock Type Pokemon that can use Stone Edge attack but I highly suggest using Tyranitar and Golem, they are they key to defeating Zapdos.

Tyranitar Pokemon Go

Remember, Zapdos is weak to Ice and Rock Type, you can always use strong Ice and Rock type Pokemon to beat it. Good luck and happy hunting. Stay tuned for more information on Zapdos.


24 Gen 1-2 Pokemon That Will Be Impossible To Find When Gen 3 Comes Out

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POKE Charizard

Stamina: 156 Attack: 223 Defense: 176 Max CP: 2686

Iris Dragonite

Stamina: 182 Attack: 263 Defense: 201 Max CP: 3581


Stamina: 82 Attack: 119 Defense: 94 Max CP: 860


Stamina: 320 Attack: 190 Defense: 190 Max CP: 3355


Stamina: 130 Attack: 153 Defense: 139 Max CP: 1567


Stamina: 260 Attack: 165 Defense: 180 Max CP: 2603


Stamina:100 Attack:224 Defense:211 Max CP:2406


Stamina: 100 Attack: 193 Defense: 212 Max CP: 2098


Stamina: 500 Attack: 60 Defense: 176 Max CP: 1469


Stamina: 120 Attack: 220 Defense: 203 Max CP: 2517

Mega Aerodactyl

Stamina: 160 Attack: 221 Defense: 164 Max CP: 2608

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Stamina: 140 Attack: 218 Defense: 170 Max CP: 2464


Stamina: 130 Attack: 183 Defense: 205 Max CP: 2208


Stamina: 70 Attack: 155 Defense: 174 Max CP: 1345

px Chikorita

Stamina: 90 Attack: 92 Defense: 122 Max CP: 801

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