Frieza’s Evil Plan Against The Gods In Dragon Ball Super


Majin Buu was supposed to be in the Tournament of Power. But in an unfortunate (and a rather odd) turn of events, he exhausted himself by training. Frieza was recruited by Goku in the last minute of his recruitment project. It was a last minute effort to save the Universe 7. But before the Tournament of Power, no one can imagine Frieza working with the Z Warriors.


No other character can put up to Frieza the way Goku did in Dragon Ball Super. He was feared and hated at the same time on Earth. Most of the characters would prefer him to stay dead. But his power is needed in the Tournament of Power. So Goku went ahead and recruited him with the promise that Frieza will get his life again.

Will they really revive Frieza? Goku will surely abide by their agreement. He will resurrect Frieza with the use of Dragon Balls. But with Frieza is a character that usually breaks his promises. The moment he has a chance, he put Goku inside Sidra’s Energy of Destruction. He can never be fully trusted.

It is possible that Frieza has a plan after the Tournament of Power. It might also be possible that he will seize that one wish for the Super Dragon Balls if ever Universe 7 will win the Tournament of power. Maybe he would wish immortality and immense power. Or he could just wish to dethrone Zeno-sama and rule all the universes. Goku won’t be even needed to revive him. And the most dangerous thing he could do is to control the Grand Priest.

There is no way Beerus would let that happen. He kinda feel Frieza’s intent and I think Whis has a feeling about it too. But this could be prevented if only Beerus and not the participants can make a wish out of the Super Dragon Balls.

Vegeta To Unlock The Limit Breaker Transformation?

Dragon ball super is getting intense by every episode. Goku is soon going to be breaking his limit and will be achieving most hyped Limit Breaker form.It seems like Goku will be in a desperate situation that he needs to break his limits again. It was expected that Goku will get this form when he will be fighting against Jiren. It is not confirmed if the Limit Breaker form is a standard Super Saiyan form or an individual one. Individual forms are character exclusive forms like Trunks’ Super Saiyan Rage, Gohan’s Ultimate form, and Vegeta’s amplified Quake of Fury.


When it comes to forms and transformation Saiyan Prince Vegeta is not behind Goku there is no rivalry greater than Goku and Vegeta. This rivalry is actually a good thing for the two pure Saiyans. When one achieves something, the other will do everything to catch up. This thing is still true but might change soon. Goku is expected to achieve the Limit Breaker transformation. Will Vegeta do the same?

In recent release of Dragon Ball Super manga Vegeta is seen to be doing something amazing.Have a look.


While fighting Beerus Vegeta was having hard time keeping up with Beerus the god of destruction. Going a bit back in story of Chapter 27 of Dragon Ball Super Manga, Fish of Prophecy mentioned to Beerus that Vegeta and Goku would turn out to be his biggest rival. So Beerus demanded Vegeta to fight him. While fighting Beerus Vegeta uses Super Saiyan God Blue form which was completely useless. Later (show in image above) Vegeta gains control over his Blue god form where Whis mentions “Vegeta its the same form that Goku used , when did u learn how to do that “.


While fight continues Whis mentions that Vegeta has gained control over blue god form and now Goku is no longer ahead of Vegeta.(Manga Picture Above). So IF Goku’s Limit Breaker form is nothing but a better control over Blue form it seems like we will be seeing Vegeta having in his Limit Breaker too. So this brings us to question why Goku and Vegeta didnt use this form….Because they didn’t encounter opponent that’s so strong to handle that limit breaker form.

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