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Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries In One Piece After The Time-skip

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries In One Piece After The Time-skip

Today’s list is all about the mysteries I found interesting to mention that are present in One Piece, we still should get an answer of them all and by the end of the series these questions will be answered as they are a crucial point to piece all the puzzles together. I ordered them in what I believe the importance to the answer from the least important to the most important.

Shanks is a father?

In the manga chapter 614, we can see on the cover Makino has a red haired child in her hand. To refresh your memory Makino is the bartender in Foosha Village from Luffy’s home town. She is best friends with Shanks, helped him clean himself up after Higuma assaulted him and was very caring towards him.


Oda once was questioned on SBS who’s baby is she holding in her arms? To which Oda replied “Seems like Makino-san became a mother. She looks very happy. The father is maybe that person-. Yeah, probably that person.” Who is that person? I believe it’s Shanks baby but we still should find out later.

Who is Luffy’s mother?


We already know about his father and his grandfather but nothing about his mother. Another question with a half answer, probably because he hasn’t given it much thought but Oda thinks that if she ever has to make an appearance, she would be tough-looking, won’t be beautiful, very strict, middle aged with permed hair.

What is the end goal of Edward Weevil, Son of Whitebeard?

Edward Weevil’s mother convinced Edward Weevil that he is the son of Whitebeard. As we have no idea if Weevil is really the son of Whitebeard, many questions comes to mind like how can this guy be the son of The Strongest Man in the World and The Man Closest to One Piece, he can’t even tell the difference from a photograph to a mirror.


He is simple minded, believes he is Whitebeard son whilst being manipulated by his mother to take away Whitebeard’s fortune. Is it that Miss Bakkin, Edward Weevil’s mother wants the One Piece and believe Whitebeard, had it? Edward Weevil is hunting down all the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates and allies to obtain all the fortune that Whitebeard left behind.

The thing is that Weevil looks so patched up with stitches, that he might have been operated on to look like Whitebeard possibly by his mother in order to gain his fortune.


Who does Aokiji work for?

Aokiji, after the fight between him and Sakazuki, left the Marines and became ally of the Blackbeard Pirates even though they both don’t fully trust each other. It seems kind of odd, he always believed in true justice, why would he become an ally of Blackbeard? Is it to get intel and to try to learn more on how he ate 2 devil fruits and is still alive? Is he working for the Revolutionary and a spy, joining the Marines gaining a high rank and could spill information to Monkey D. Dragon in secret?


Where do Devil Fruits come from?

Since the beginning of the series, this had bugged me for so long, where do they come from? Is there a tree with these kinds of fruits? All the Devil Fruits seems to be that are grown from a tree and not underground like potatoes and pumpkins, they all have the shape that you can pick them out of trees. If they are, where are these trees?


What I am trying to say is that I think Oda tried to use the idea of the Garden of Eden and the forbidden apple as his reference to create the devil fruits. There are some similarities like the ones who eat the apple in Eden. Whoever eats from the tree of knowledge of good and evil must die. In One Piece whoever eats a devil fruit is cursed and cannot swim, if a percentage of the body touches water will die. In both cases the ones who each the fruit is cursed to die. Both offer power, one offer knowledge and the other super powers.

National Treasure of Mariejois

Mariejois is situated on the Red Line almost above Fishman Island and the way to enter the New World, pirates have only one option if they want to enter the New World which is Fishman Island. On the other side of the world lies Raftel Island the last island for the One Piece. Why is it situated over there and not have a hug building between the West and South Blue and another between the North and the East Blue surrounding the Reverse Mountain and anyone coming close they just attack them?


I don’t believe that it is for the sake of the plot but something far more secretive, Donquixote Doflamingo said that the Ope Ope no Mi devil fruit which is Trafalgar D. Water Law’s df is the key to rein over the world. How is it possible? This fruit is known as the Ultimate Devil Fruit as it grants immortality in exchange for the user’s life. Doflamingo wanted it for himself and eat it knowing all this. He certainly doesn’t want to sacrifice himself, so what else does the Ope Ope no Mi grant with the National treasure.


Many believe that the National Treasure is an ancient weapon and most likely is Uranus. Oda has given the names of Greek Gods to the Ancient Weapons, Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus. Pluton is a huge warship capable of mass destruction. Poseidon is a mermaid that is reborn in Shirahoshi that can communicate with Sea Kings. Uranus is still a mystery but we have some idea about it.


Uranus is derived from the Sky God, he was the son and husband to Mother Earth Gaia, together they had 18 children, 12 titans, 3 cyclops and 3 Hecatoncheires (Hundred-Handed Ones with 50 heads each). Gaia got frustrated with him as Uranus neglected his children so Gaia asked Cronus to castrate Uranus. When he was castrated from his genitals touching the sea Aphrodite was born making him have 19 children.


3 others were born from his blood but not from his semen so technically I have no idea how this can happen. The other 19 children represent the 19 families living in Mariejois, Uranus had 18 children in the traditional way just like 18 families living in Mariejois as Homing decided to live the modest way and are forbidden from ever returning. Uranus is the Sky God representing the location where it could be found, Mariejois is situated on a high altitude hence why it looks always foggy probably because it’s surrounded by clouds.

What we know for sure is that the Ope Ope no Mi is the key for Uranus to rein over the entire world.

How come Momonosuke can give orders to Zunisha?


Zunisha was being attacked by Jack the Drought, as he was getting injured he cried out not for help but to attack his attackers. Luffy and Momonosuke heard his voice, Zunisha wanted the order to attack but Luffy’s voice couldn’t be heard by him but Momonosuke’s voice reached Zunisha and he attacked Jack.


Was happened there? Can Momonosuke order Millenium elephant Zunisha just like Poseidon Shirahoshi can order Sea Kings? Or something far more intricate like Zunisha was once part of the Kozuki family. Having done something horrible, he was sentenced to keep walking, never stopping until his death. As Momonosuke is the son of the late daimyo of the Kozuki Oden and a descendant of the Kozuki Family, Momonosuke can order Zunisha and hear his voice.

How can Blackbeard eat 2 devil fruits?


This has made many fans go crazy and spout wild theories on how he managed to do achieve this. The most interesting theory I like so far is that as he holds the power of the dark dark fruit and can use a sort of gravitational pull to attract the devil fruits even in someone else’s body. One revealed secret is to have ordinary fruit very close to a devil fruit user when dead as the power inside the devil fruit transfers into the ordinary fruit.

When Blackbeard was taking away Whitebeard’s power he was covered with a black cloth, no one knows what happened but having his knowledge and his devil fruit that can hold anything inside of his power like the whole town when fighting Ace and then throw it all out as smashed bits of wood, he could hold a fruit inside it and when covered he gets it out use his powers to pull the devil fruit outside of Whitebeard’s body and then he could have his power.


But still no answer on how he can use both powers and not be dead. Even though he carries the Will of D, he is the only one who doesn’t embrace death, he is afraid of dying so he must have already known it beforehand that he will gain immense power. All we know is that his atypical body structure as Marco said before is the key to how he can have 2 devil fruit power so far.

What happened in the void century?


One of the biggest question marks we all need to know is what happened in the Void Century. Many theories are shared from fans none of them are correct until we see the answer from Oda himself in the manga and anime. Most probably even he doesn’t know yet what is going to happen. The anime was supposed to be a 5-year project and probably he hasn’t thought about it yet as the journey isn’t completed yet.


All we know is that 20 kingdoms have planned together an attack to dethrone the previous “World Government” and destabilize the world to gain the full power to rein over the world. The main keys to what happens lies on the Ponegliffs, 3 ancient weapons and the Will of D.

What’s to find on Raftel? Is Raftel the end or a new beginning?

Raftel is the last island to travel in One Piece that holds all the knowledge of what happened in the Void Century and possibly have the One Piece on it. The only crew who ever managed to go there is Pirate King Gol D Roger’s crew. He didn’t have enough time to uncover its secrets and his crew hadn’t the knowledge to understand all the truth it holds so he inspired a whole generation by giving himself to the government, have a public execution and tell everyone that the One Piece is real.


Most people believe that Raftel holds the One Piece and give away all the secrets of the Void Century but if that is true why did Roger after visiting all the islands in the Grand Line went back? Was it for the adventure? Was is to meet all the friends he met before for the last time? Or Raftel is just a new beginning that holds the last clue to find the One Piece in the Grand Line?


Only time will tell and if the Strawhats manage to arrive there, we will have the answer to all our questions. I hope you enjoyed the Top Mysteries in One Piece after the time-skip and please share your thoughts maybe we can shine a light on these questions. Hope to see you on the next post.

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