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The Reason Why Future Trunks Is Not In Tournament Of Power


Future Trunks is a handy warrior to have. He is tough when he needs to be tough. He’s usually a goal-oriented fighter; he’ll go into business as soon as possible. Future Trunks is a natural clutch warrior. In addition, he also got healing powers as revealed in the manga. And how is it possible not to mention him slicing Zamasu in half? If I am to pick for my Universe 7 team for Tournament of Power, he will earn a spot in my top five.

Though Future Trunks would really be a useful ally in the Tournament of Power, he went to another alternate timeline. There can only be one Trunks in one timeline. And it is really weird for you to see yourself growing up if you ask me. So Future Trunks and Future Mai went “bye bye” and never to be seen again.


It was later on revealed that if one event didn’t happen, Future Trunks would’ve been participating in the Tournament of Power. According to the booklet that was given last 2017 Jump Victory Carnival, Future Trunks and Future Mai was planning to stay with Bulma and the Z Warriors in the mainstream timeline. The two-page manga side story features the couple preparing to settle down, but then, nerdy mainstream timeline Gohan made a visit.

Gohan decided to pay a visit. He also stated that he wants to meet the Future Bulma which is living in the peaceful future timeline. His intention was said to be him talking with Future Bulma about some “Science Things”. So Gohan went with the two in the future timeline. Though Future Trunks and Future Mai originally decided to stay in the past, they decided to play it like they intended to go back in the future in the first place. So in the end, Future Trunks and Mai lived in the future alternate timeline.


The whole Tournament of Power arc would be different if Future Trunks decided to keep his first decision to stay. Goku will not be forced to resurrect Frieza because Trunks would be there to fill Buu’s place. And isn’t it interesting to see Future Trunks and Vegeta getting a father and son moment of victory in the tournament?

Tournament Of Power’s Possible Shocking Ending

The Tournament of Power has a long way to go, with 34 minutes of time remaining. Only less than half of the warriors remain. And only the strong warriors are standing in the tournament arena. Just like how Toppo coined it before, there is only “Erasure” or “Survival.” Things will get more intense, as players will go down to business. Not like the picture below, but close enough.

Theories are spreading down the Internet like wild fire about the possible ending for Tournament of Power. Some things are impossible to happen, like Goku fighting the Grand Priest. That would be awesome, but there are possible theories than other. Here are the top three:

Universe 7 will be erased


Most of the viewers are rooting for the Team Universe 7 because Goku and the rest of old characters from previous Dragon Ball were there. And not only that, they have a solid chance of winning the Tournament of Power because there ar…

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