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Goku Finally Transforms, Here Is Everything You Missed From The New Preview of DBS EP 109-110

DBS EP 109-110

It has finally happened everyone!! We have finally gotten another new look at the one Hour Special coming up on the 10th! If this doesn’t get you excited or start raising questions then, we need to check your pulse. From this new trailer, this episode is going to be amazing and start finally answering some questions!

From this trailer alone we see a lot so far! From Jiren absolutely wrecking Goku, even in Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20! A form that has proven to be best in any challenge put in front of it, till now! Also we get a sneak glimpse of Jiren’s special technique, reflecting every attack thrown his way. Let’s get down to the big news, Goku’s Transformation!

DBS EP 109-110

It’s seems as if there could be four ways that Goku may get this new transformation. And yes I’m calling it a transformation due to the different eyes and Goku’s demeanor! A power up like Kaioken has never been shown to change his appearance or demeanor during a power up. Now, let’s get in to the ways Goku will achieve his new Transformation!


Way #1: Absorbs the Spirit Bomb!
This way seems the most likely seeing how we’re shown Goku charging up and firing a Spirit Bomb towards Jiren! We’re also seeing Jiren’s reaction to Goku’s Spirit Bomb as well, and he looks either like this could be a challenge or even worse, that Goku’s trump isn’t good enough! Seeing how a Spirit Bomb attacks only evil energy, like when Gohan bounced the Spirit Bomb back with absolutely no harm inflicted. So, seeing how Jiren is the strongest and purest of the Pride Troopers, who center themselves around justice, and doing good could easily bounce the Spirit Bomb right back at Goku with some of his energy, hoping to overwhelm Goku and Goku ends up absorbing all the energy!

DBS EP 109-110

Way #2: Backed in to a Corner!
This way is also likely as well! We have all seen what Saiyans are capable of when they feel “backed in a corner”! Look at Gohan with Cell, Goku with Frieza, and so on. These Saiyans have shown their most impressive defeats, when they feel backed in a corner.

DBS EP 109-110

What could make you feel more backed in a corner, then knowing your on the verge of being eliminated and could watch all your friends, family, planet, and entire Universe be erased! We all know Goku wanted to do this in order to fight other strong and interesting fighters from other Universe’s. But, who would of thought there would of been someone so strong to raise doubt inside of Goku, that he erupts with the power he needs to take on Jiren!

DBS EP 109-110

Way #3: Goku is hit by the Spirit Bomb!
Who would think Goku could be hit with a Spirit Bomb! We all know Goku as this soft, kind hearted Saiyan, but, what if Goku had something brewing under the surface? What if everytime Goku layed his life on the line or even died a part of him turned?

DBS EP 109-110

What if Goku’s not as pure hearted as he looks? I’m not saying Goku is secretly evil or going to turn evil, but, what if all these battles, and deaths took a toll on his pure heart? If that’s the case, and when Jiren bounces the Spirit Bomb back at Goku. Goku goes to try and bounce it back and is it hit with it. Goku being hit with a Spirit Bomb could repair, whatever damage laying his life on the line and dying, which could allow him to reach a level he was held back from!

DBS EP 109-110

Way #4: Goku Rages!
This way could also work. It’s shown in the new teaser released that Goku goes in to a berserker like rage during his battle with Jiren! This is something we have yet to really see from Goku with the exception of when he first turned Super Saiyan against Frieza.

DBS EP 109-110

This could signify that Goku is overwhelmed with rage, frustration, and is able to tap in to a new form, which could involve God ki and anger. Seeing how God Ki is all about perfect ki control, and a calm mind, we have yet to see what happens if Goku or Vegeta is faced with something that overwhelms them to the point of going berserk! Could this be a new form from unleashing complete God ki with anger?

DBS EP 109-110

What are your thoughts? How will Goku achieve this new Form? How strong do you think this new form will be? Let’s keep the conversation going by leaving your opinions and idea’s in the comments down below! As always, thanks for reading!

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