DBS Episode 113 Fighting Maniac, Saiyan Battle Possible Spoilers

DBS Episode 113 Fighting Maniac, Saiyan Battle Possible Spoilers

These are the days, that us fans in the Dragon Ball Community love! Those are the days we get leaks/spoilers! If your anything like me, you love when these leaks/spoilers come out so you can start guessing and thinking about what’s to come!

In the recent leaks/spoilers there is an episode titled “Fighting Maniac, Saiyan Battle!”. Now when I saw this my mind went racing, and starting thinking up as to what could be happening and who could be involved.. So let’s talk about idea’s and theories as to what this could be!


Theory/Idea #1: Kale is on the loose AGAIN?!

Now, I know in recent(ish) episodes Kale has gained control over her “Berserk” form, and I’m sure there will be people saying “She has control over it, it wont happen” but please just wait, and hear me out here! Nothing is forever in the world of Dragon Ball, and things change. I think something is going to happen with Caulifla and Kale, and Caulifla takes a critical hit for Kale, seeing how Kale is Caulifla’s “protege”, Caulifla goes down, and is not moving.. Kale seeing this, thinking she has lost Caulifla, Kale snaps! Kale goes a step higher in her Berserker Form and with Jiren held up with Goku, it takes other Saiyans to take down Kale…


Theory/Idea #2: The conclusion of Goku vs Jiren!

We all know this fight is the fight to see. These are the 2 strongest in the Tournament, and the writers are putting all the hype on Goku vs Jiren. Knowing that, this fight won’t end quickly. Knowing that Jiren is the opponent to beat, Jiren won’t go down very easily. So another theory/idea is that this is when Goku vs Jiren officially ends. That could mean Jiren vs Goku could span over the 1 hour special and in to the 3rd episode after being shown, on and off. With Goku unlocking a new Form/Power up and Jiren being as strong as the writers made him seem to be, good chances that this fight could go for quite some time.

Theory/Idea #3: Universe 6 and Universe 7 Saiyans unite!

For the third and final theory/idea, it goes to an “homage” to old times. Frost and Frieza decide to go ahead and start their devious plan. Goku being tired, or held up with his fight with Jiren, it’s up to the remaining Saiyains from Universe 6 and Universe 7 to unite and take out the threat to both of their Universe’s. Knowing that if Frost and Frieza is successful in their devious plan could mean disaster for their survival, they decide to put the Tournament on hold to team up and eliminate Frost and Frieza and send them to their according God’s of Destruction for judgment!

DBS Episode 113 Fighting Maniac, Saiyan Battle Possible Spoilers

So there you have it, these are my thoughts on the upcoming episode “Fighting Maniac, Saiyan Battle!”. What are your thoughts? What could be happening and with who? Let’s keep the discussion going by leaving your idea’s and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for reading!

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