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Female Android 21 Introduced In The Latest Dragon Ball Fighter Z News

Female Android 21

There is a hype surrounding “Dragon Ball FighterZ” right now. Because of the promising elements of the game, fans of the Dragon Ball series is waiting for this game. After the reveal that Bandai Namco will have an original character to be added in the game, the excitement became more and more seen in the fans. And this is because the original character was designed by Akira Toriyama himself.


Android 21 is the new addition to Dr. Gero’s most magnificent creation: the Androids. She has an appearance of a female android with blue eyes and orange hair. Android 21 is Bandai Namco’s original creation but Akira Toriyama was the one to design her. And it seems like there is a storyline just for her in the upcoming “Dragon Ball FighterZ” video game.

Female Android 21

This Android seem to be the antithesis of Android 17 and the twin sister of Android 16. Android 16 has this orange mohawk while Android 21 got a darker shade of hair color. Android 21 was introduced via a video teaser during the Tokyo Game Show. She was seen alongside Android 16, which seem to have received a factory reset.


Android 21 sports a lab gown which has a Red Ribbon Army patch on her left arm. This might indicate that she is not geared to be a battle android. Some publications dubbed her as the mother of all androids because of his ability to create androids such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and even Krillin’s clones. These clones are shown in the video to have taken the whole world. The bad news, even Goku and Z-warriors are not able to defeat their clones. And another bad news, Android 21 seem to control these clones.

At the end of the video, pictures of Z-warriors fallen to the ground was shown. Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, and even Goku was defeated by their clones. There is no Gohan clone or something because Gohan hasn’t reached Super Saiyan 2 yet at the time Dr. Gero stored all his info in his computer.

Android 21 is an interesting character. She is not like the old Androids who was made for battle. Imagine Bulma who caught the Majin spell, that would be the easiest way to describe Android 21. It would be very nice if Android 21 will become a canon in “Dragon Ball Super“, maybe after the Tournament of Power. This is a perfect arc for the old androids. They will have another arc but instead of being the main antagonist, they are now a part of Goku’s team.

Imagine what would Android 18 feel when he sees Krillin lifeless. She would be batshit angry and will rage against the z-clones. It might also be a way for Gohan to have his own arc and maybe beat Android 21 like how he destroyed Cell with one hand Kamehameha.

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Vegeta’s Major Battle In Upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episode

With recent spoilers released, it seems like Vegeta fans may finally get, what they have been waiting for all along. That’s Vegeta to finally have his moment to shine, and to have some of the spotlight! (Just not all of it).

The second episode after October’s big one Hour Special, is titled “Vegeta’s Resolve”. This means Vegeta is going to be facing a big opponent that makes him think about something, he usually doesn’t want to (that stubborn Prince!). Just look at his shinning moment as Majin Vegeta, when he was forced to look at his true relationship with his son, Trunk and Bulma.

Having said that, what could possibly be the opponent in front of him that makes him face something Vegeta has been hiding? I believe that person is Cabba! We haven’t seen someone make such an impact on Vegeta. Since, Goku finally broke through that armour allowing (some) other’s to get close to the proud, Prince of all Saiyans! Cabba has an immediate impact on Vegeta from the moment, Cabba approached him in the Universal Tournament between Universe’s 6 and 7, and Vegeta told Cabba to “hurry up and Transform”, and Cabba asked for Vegeta to teach him!

I personally think this did something that no one, even Vegeta’s family has been able to do for Vegeta. Having saying this, I’m not saying Vegeta’s family doesn’t play a big part of Vegeta staying on the good side. But, Cabba…

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