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The Dark Truth About Germa 66 In One Piece

Germa 66 one piece

Today we will be discussing a very touchy subject about Germa 66, from which part of real life the Germa 66 is founded and what do they represent.


Germa 66 also known as warmongers is the military branch of Germa Kingdom and Underworld mercenary force commanded by Vinsmoke Judge and his 4 children Ichiji, Niji, Yonji and Reiju. Sanji is also the biological son of Judge but both consider themselves not to be affiliated as Judge sees Sanji as a weakling whilst Sanji see them as heartless, warhungry and just plain evil, apart from his sister big Reiju. She was the one who cured his beaten body from his brothers, felt sorry for him after his father disassociated himself from Sanji and helped him escape to the East Blue.


Germa 66 was believed by many that was just some comic strip villains that fought against Sola, Warrior of the Sea in World Economic Journal. The East Blue nation of Cozia, couldn’t believe that they were real even whilst being attacked by them.


They were also involved in the Conquest of Four Nations and the assassination of the four Kings of North Blue nations. Now, I believe that Germa 66 is just a representation of the Nazi Germany led by Hitler and many hints are available to support this theory.

    1. Emblem


First off is the emblem which Nazi Germany used, the “Reichsadler” meaning the imperial eagle. It was a symbol for over 300 years in that region but as Hitler rose to power it was deemed as an evil symbol. Germa 66 has the same symbol in his Throne Room, the only difference having 66 underneath it instead of the Swastika.

    2. Brainwash


Nazi Germany used a tactic to brainwash people into believing they are the superior race (I like to add there is no superior race, we are all the same race, the human race). Hitler used terms and words into making people believe they are better than everyone else and to conquer Europe whilst Vinsmoke Judge and Dr. Vegapunk where working to create clones, Vegapunk got arrested and Judge continued the work into creating the clone military force. Even though they have the same faces, they do not know they look exactly the same, will not fear death, will never rebel and are used as pawns just like however Vinsmoke Judge and his children desire.

    3. Struggling for power


As Hitler was a violent and powerful speaker so is Vinsmoke Judge his words are powerful and violent even the way he talks to his own son Sanji. Hitler wanted Germany to become an empire and to grow as much as possible in a short period of time. The same goes with Judge, his Kingdom fell and had no land to command, he wants to grow his empire by allying his family with Big Mom to supply her with weapons and continue to grow in power and conquer as much as he can.

    4. Ultimate Strategy


In both world wars, it is noticeable that Germany and its allies were hugely outnumbered by several millions. It required an ultimate strategy, huge scientific advancements and better weapons to gain the upper hand. The best technological and scientific progress was obtained from these wars and Germany at that time had it all. On the other hand, Germa 66 has the most advances in the scientific field and mostly known for it. To gain more advancement and attain more power Germa 66 is trying to wed his son Sanji with Charlotte Pudding and gain the abilities of Big Mom Pirates to conquer all the seas.


Finally, I believe the similarities are huge. Having the marines and the World Government looking as the bad guys and the pirates are the good guys, Oda must have seen that and wanted to create the evilest power to at least making the WG seem more of the good guys and Germa 66 the bad guys. What better way is there to show these villains their true nature and what horrible deeds they have done? It’s simple the biggest villains in real life and most recent history was Nazi Germany and Oda used their model and their ways to create Germa 66

I hope you liked this theory about Germa 66 is the anime version of Nazi Germany. It was hard mentioning these real life historical facts as many people have been harmed and/or destroyed by these events. Hope to see you on the next article.

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Luffy vs Akainu One Piece Chapter 1100 Fan Manga

Luffy Vs Akainu is one of the most waited fight in the anime, many of us can’t wait to see is get animated and read it in One Piece Manga, thanks to AndayGeorge we are going to be able to read the mang, he drew 14+ pages of Monkey D Luffy Vs Akainu Manga.

It took him almost a year and a half to complete this and the manga is very well detailed, the artist who drew this, his art style is very close to Oda’s and there is not much to say about it, take a look at it yourself and read it.






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