One Piece 981 Spoilers Leaked – Yonko Commander Returns

One Piece 981 Spoilers Leaked – Yonko Commander Returns

The spoilers for the upcoming chapter of One Piece are leaked earlier than expected; the whole fanbase is hyped up because of One Piece 981 spoilers. The manga new chapter is going to be really interesting, considering the changes the upcoming chapter will bring.

In the previous chapter, on the last page, Eustass Kidd attacked Scratchmen Apoo, because Apoo betrayed him when they attacked Kaido, fast forward in the current chapter, there is the whole aftermath to this, as well one of the most awaited One Piece character will return in this chapter.

One Piece 981 Spoilers

Apoo survived Eustass Kidd’s attack. However, he suffered significant damage after Kidd’s attack. One other thing that is revealed in the new chapter related to the mysterious Devil Fruit of Apoo is that the rank of his attack is how far the sound of his attack reaches, if you are out of the sound range, means you are safe.

We also get to see the numbers, from what we know, there are 10 numbers in Kaidou’s army, just like a stack of cards. We will see number 8, who goes by the name Hatcha appear in One Piece Chapter 981. He laughs “Hachacha”, similarly, other numbers will laugh according to their numbers in Japanese, for example, numbers 7, might laugh like Nananana, no Batman pun intended.

Coming to the next part of the spoilers, Who’s Who prepared to go out with his men to find Kaidou’s Son Yamato. Chopper and Kinnemon’s party tries to pass by one of the Tobiroppo, Black Maria’s residence, as there is no one nearby, to their surprise, they encounter Big Mom. Chopper is in the tank, he and Big Mom make eye contact.

Now comes the most important One Piece 981 spoiler, we will see Marco return, and obviously he will join Luffy and the gang to fight the beasts pirates. Big Mom Pirates are climbing up the waterfall, and to their surprise, the second time they are thrown off from the waterfall, by a flying Yonko Commander, Marco, well ex-commander, but still.

At the end of One Piece Chapter 981 Nekomamushi, Marco, and Izo make an appearance. This is all the spoilers we have for now, we are going to share more spoilers as we have it, so stay tuned.

More spoilers: June 4, 2020:

  • All of Who’s Who’s subordinates are dressed as cats, so Who’s Who may be a cat-type person.
  • Numbers’s 8 tea is bigger than giants and sunglasses like Doffy and long bob hair
  • Perospero says he doesn’t like the alliance and won’t allow King.
  • Flampe seems to want to be Kaido’s favorite in the ride.
  • Smoothie agrees that it was Mom’s decision.
  • Daifuku and others aim to expose Luffy’s beheading to the world rather than such a thing.
  • Carrot: (top right): Kinemon, you can focus on the fight!!
  • Kinemon (top left): I’m so grateful…!! Honestly, I was distracted (literally spirit wasn’t in it)
  • Bottom: I’m relying on you!!

One Piece 981 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 981 will be released on 7 June 2020. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart One Piece Chapter 980 was released on 24 May 2020, so this makes Chapter 981 to be released by Sunday.

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