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Who is Yamato in One Piece? All We Know About Kaidou’s Son

One Piece

One Piece Summary

The story of One Piece takes place in a fantasy world full of pirates, treasures, ships and unknown treasures a pirate named Gold Roger has hidden his most valued treasure in the famous and most dangerous sea route known as the Grand Land. Before being executed he made a challenge to all pirates if they were brave enough to explore and find his treasure in Grand Line known only as One Piece, the finder is the keeper. The world is full of pirates some good and some bad, greedy, blood-thirsty plunderers to free-spirited and sea-loving adventurers. These varieties of pirates that have tried to make it through the dangerous Grand Line and find One Piece, no one has ever succeeded. So, this post is about One Piece’s Yamato, Kaidou’s son.

Luffy and his group
Luffy and his group

Most of the pirates and other sailors fear the dreadful Grand Line and believe that all those who willingly explore it are fools going in the mouth of death. But these challenges do not stop our protagonist Monkey D. Luffy a boy who wants to explore Grand Line, find One Piece, and become King of the Pirates. Motivated by his childhood idol, a scruffy yet sincere pirate named Shanks, Luffy will persevere relentlessly to accomplish this fantasy of his. In any case, Luffy is no normal kid. At the point when he was young, he incidentally ate a taboo “cursed” organic product that transformed his body into elastic! In spite of the fact that being a “rubber-man” has made Luffy’s body impermeable to most weapons and different perils, it’s removed his capacity to swim. In any case, regardless of the ocean being his most noticeably terrible danger, Luffy is resolved to assemble a team and a boat and set sail for the Grand Line.

Yamato in One Piece

one piece kaido

In one piece chapter, we get to know that Kaidou promises to share a Very Important Announcement with no further discussion. One Piece fans know Kaido is resolved to find his son Yamato who had failed to come to the party. This arises the question of the relation between the two is it stable or not. Some fans believe Kaido is trying to get Yamato married to one of Big Mom’s kids. And the same was tried between Pudding and Sanji not long ago. If Yamato doesn’t like this the Wano Rebels may be able to turn him against his own father. That would definitely help the army as they’ve got a huge battle coming up as a fight with Kaido, Big Mom, and Orochi.

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