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Owner Of Ancient Weapon Uranus In One Piece?


In the world of One Piece, among all the unsolved mysteries, there’s the one about Ancient Weapons. About them, we only know that they’re mass-destruction weapons which power goes from destroying an island to the destruction of the whole planet.

As far as we know, there are only 3 Ancient Weapons:

Pluton: it seems that Pluton is an enormous battleship built by Water Seven carpenters in order to keep the balance with the other two Ancient Weapons powers

Poseidon: rather than an in-animated object definable as “weapon”, this is an ability; in fact, Poseidon was the name of a mermaid who could communicate with Sea Kings and control them. As time went on and various generation passed, nowadays this ability has been inherited by Shirahosi, the mermaids’ princess, so that we know certainly were one of the 3 Ancient Weapons is

Uranus: this is the most unknown Ancient Weapon; we only know its name because once Robin named it and that’s everything we have, nothing more
Since the fact that it is completely unknown, I believe that it’ll be shown us by a character who’s still alive and who’s as mysterious as this Ancient Weapon. Who could it be? In my opinion that’s Monkey D. Dragon.


Why not? I mean, he’s one of the characters who are still alive and about whom we don’t know almost anything.

But before explaining this interesting theory, let’s have a little throwback.
During some scenes showed in the anime, Gol D. Roger used to transport on his ship a strange big egg; when Shiki The Golden Lion asked Roger to form an alliance, Roger refused and, while Shiki was trying to attack him, a sudden storm arrived and destroyed all Shiki’s ships.
Now, since “Uranus” was the name of the greek god who was able to control the weather, maybe that storm was caused by the Ancestral Weapon which just wanted to protect its owner from a danger, although in that moment Uranus wasn’t born yet or anyway it was sleeping in its egg.


Coming back to Dragon, during Rogue Town events, Luffy was in danger because he had been captured by Smoker, and in that moment there was a strong storm; at a certain moment, we saw the sudden apparition of Dragon, who saves Luffy and the storm ends. Now, if you go re-watching the episode, after the storm has ended, a very strong wind arrives but, just a few seconds before the wind arrival, we saw in the sky the wind that creates a strange figure which reminds of a dragon face.


And how is Uranus supposed to look like? It’s supposed to look like a Dragon.

Maybe this is the real reason why Monkey D. Dragon is the most feared and the first wanted person by the World Government, not because he’s the Revolutionary Army leader, but because he is supposed to own Uranus. In addiction, we also know that the World Government asked Dr. Vegapunk to create powerful artificial dragons; and what if they made that request in order to own a creature capable of defeating Uranus?

Another point that isn’t clear at all is: how could Dragon control Uranus?

Well, a possible explanation to this could be that, when Gol D. Roger died, during his execution we were shown Monkey D. Dragon’s face and he didn’t have the tattoo that he has nowadays; for this reason, I think that the tattoo is a kind of way to control Uranus powers.


In addiction, also Sabo’s fighting style reminds of the “dragon style technique” coming from chinese martial arts, and what if Sabo had been trained by Dragon who had learned something by Uranus fighting style?


Moreover, on Dragon’s ship we saw that there two statues representing the classical form of two japanese dragons.


In conclusion, I think that this will remain just a theory for a lot of time, but in any case there are too many coincidences to think that what I’ve just introduced you is completely wrong and impossible.

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