Is Universe 7 Going To Lose The Tournament Of Power?

So before I start this off I want to put it out there and say I’m not saying Universe 7 is 100% going to loose. This Article is simply outlining ways that Universe 7 could potentially loose the Tournament of Power.


Having said that, this is Dragon Ball after all, and basically anything can happen, even our Universe 7 fighters loosing the Tournament of Power. It is very unlikely that Universe 7 will loose but it’s still a possibility, and seeing how its a possibility let’s talk about ways Universe 7 could loose the Tournament of Power.

The first way is the Yardrat from Universe 2 Jimeze. Now I know what your thinking, “how could someone like that cause trouble for Goku?”. Well the fact both Jimeze and Goku can both use the Instantaneous Movement Technique or known as Instant Transmission. Up till now, not much is known about this technique other then you can move from place to place as long as you can sense where your going. My theory to this is that because the Yardrats created this technique that Jimeze can appear in Goku’s Instantanious Movement path and make things difficult for Goku to use that to keep from being ringed out. How would that work? Like this – Someone like Jiren knocks Goku to the edge and Goku tries to use his Instantaneous Movement and instead Jimeze interferes, making Goku fall out. Without Goku, Universe 7 is without their trump card.

Next is a complete hail marry but, what if after Goku awakens this power ALL the other Universes left, every member rushes Goku. Yeah there’s still Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and the others to help Goku but not to fight off the rest of the participants. After the God’s of Destruction witness Goku’s new power they grow torubled and all of the God’s of Destruction order their teams to rush and attack. No matter who you are, unless your the Great Priest having all those participants rush you at once would be overwhelming for anyone even Goku. With the likes of Hit, Toppo, Caulifla, Kale, Jiren and other strong, top tier fighters would be too much for Goku at once and eventually falls to stamina exhaustion.

The last one is the most possible of the ways Universe 7 could loose the Tournament of Power and that is the unstoppable force of Jiren, Toppo and Dyspo. Through out the Tournament of Power and episodes leading up to it we have seen what the Pride Troopers are capable of, if not just a sneak peak. Their chemistry, battle strategy, and power combined would be quite extraordinary to say the least. These Pride Troopers have been fighting together and coming up with battle strategy and tactics together for years to the point where it’s basically perfect. Hence why anytime you see these 3 Pride Troopers battle it pushes anyone to their limits! So how could it happen? After Goku awakens his new form, Jiren starts being pushed back by Goku, Toppo worried about loosing Jiren for the rest of the Tournament calls Dyspo on their team walkie and initiates their ultimate combo attack on Goku. Having the other members of Universe 7 occupied by other strong participants, Goku is forced to fend for himself against the unstoppable power of the Pride Troopers ultimate combo attack!


Again this was just ideas that Universe 7 can possibly loose the Tournament of Power, we all know Universe 7 will most likely win but we have been thrown shocking curve balls before. What do you all think? Will Universe 7 loose and need to be saved by a technicality? If Universe 7 does loose and end up being erased how would they be saved? Leave your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments down below. As always thanks for reading.


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The Reason Why Future Trunks Is Not In Tournament Of Power

Future Trunks is a handy warrior to have. He is tough when he needs to be tough. He’s usually a goal-oriented fighter; he’ll go into business as soon as possible. Future Trunks is a natural clutch warrior. In addition, he also got healing powers as revealed in the manga. And how is it possible not to mention him slicing Zamasu in half? If I am to pick for my Universe 7 team for Tournament of Power, he will earn a spot in my top five.

Though Future Trunks would really be a useful ally in the Tournament of Power, he went to another alternate timeline. There can only be one Trunks in one timeline. And it is really weird for you to see yourself growing up if you ask me. So Future Trunks and Future Mai went “bye bye” and never to be seen again.


It was later on revealed that if one event didn’t happen, Future Trunks would’ve been participating in the Tournament of Power. According to the booklet that was given last 2017 Jump Victory Carnival, Future Trunks and Future Mai was planning to stay with Bulma and the Z Warriors in the mainstream timeline. The two-page manga side story features the couple preparing to settle down, but then, nerdy mainstream timeline Gohan…

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