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Pokemongo: Raikou Legendary Raid Guide

Pokemongo: Raikou Legendary Raid Guide

So, guys there we have it again, It has been a day since the legendary beasts Entei, Raikou and Suicune have made it to the world of Pokemon Go.Raikou Raid Boss CP is 42,932 and it can have Max Capture CP of 1,913. Which is much higher than Suicune.

With the updated game_meta, we have performed some battle simulations and also made a few estimations. The results were pretty much the same as what we thought was going to happen. Enough with the small talk, let’s downright get to the business now, shall we?

Raikou is a pure electric type Pokemon, and arguably the strongest electric type attacker in the game. TO take him down you are going to need a raid group of at least 5 people. Fortunately, some of the Pokemon that we have been using for battling against the legendary bird trio can also be used to battle Raikou.


It’s only weakness are ground type Pokemon. Rock type Pokemon are immune to electric attacks. This gives trainers a massive amount of options and team lineups to choose from. In most of the battle simulations that we performed, it turned out that, Raikou and Zapdos are almost evenly matched out in terms of the damage output and overall survivability. Our advice is that you better catch a bunch of these before time runs out.


So how do you take this, saber-tooth electric cat down? Well, remember Earthquake is the one move that you should be used against him. The power bar for earthquake takes a little bit of time to completely get filled so, you better use other ground type moves with high DPS, like Mud-Slap.

The Best counter for Raikou are as follows:-
Rhydon with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
Golem with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
Donphan with Tackle and Earthquake

Other than these you could also use other Pokemon like Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Tyranitar, Sandslash, and Tarous (to some extent only) on your second team just in case all of your Pokemon faints before the timer runs out.

You could also consider some other Pokemon like Dragonite with Outrage, Steelix with Earthquake, Snorlax with Hyper Beam and Machamp with Dynamic Punch as decent counters against Raikou.


Unlike Suicune, Raikou has some really good moves and will be of good use once you add him to your team. He s not that hard of a Pokemon to beat, if you happen to have a decent raiding party with novice to advanced trainers, it should be pretty easy to takedown.

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