Top Admirals In One Piece

Top Admirals In One Piece

In a world run by pirates with super human strength, chaos should reign supreme. However, the world government ensures that this never transpires through the aid of the Navy. With abilities to match even the best of Pirates (such as Big Mom and Kaido), I’ve made a list of who I believe are the strongest Admirals in the One Piece Universe’s Navy.

10. Maynard

What is an anime without a muscle head? They are needed just as much as a pervert or else it won’t be that good. In the Marines, that muscle head is Maynard. With his physical strength alone (although since he is a Vice Admiral, he can use Haki even though it wasn’t shown) he fought and held his own against the No. 1 fan of the Luffy Fan Club, Bartolomeo. Although he lost, he was able to damage Bartolomeo, which is no easy feat due to Bartolomeo absolute defense technique. Beyond that there isn’t much to say about Maynard, therefore although he fought impressively, he is only impressive enough to secure the No. 10 slot.

9. Dalmantian/Darumeshian

Everyone loves dogs…unless you’re a pirate and you see Dalmantian of course. Vice Admiral Dalmatian is a Zoan Class Devil Fruit user than can, well, transform into a Dalmation. He sounds pretty silly, but what’s silly about adding a power up to and insanely dangerous man? He practices the art of Rokushiki which can pierce a foe with one finger. Add his ability to utilize Haki and his Devil Fruit power to that and you would come to fear, like many pirates do, the power of the man-dog.

8. Onigumo

The Marine is all about Justice, and as far as we’ve seen, no one exemplifies this trait more than Onigumo. He is not above doing anything to achieve “Justice” even going as far as killing one of his own subordinates when he questioned his reasoning in destroying a fellow ship. His actions here, were more of a pirate like Blackbeard than how a Marine should be; nevertheless, this trait has earned him the title of Vice Admiral. As such, he is able to utilize Haki and command a fleet of his own. However, he is indeed skillful thus earning the number 8 spot. He has enough speed and stealth to pin and cuff Marco who I might remind you was the first division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. That feat showed us a glimpse of what he is capable of. If that’s not enough, his Devil Fruit Powers allows him to grow 6 additional arms. Using sabers as his preferred weapon, he is able to attack and defend simultaneously.

7. Momonga/Shinichiro Ohta

Strength can mean several things, it can be physical or mental for example; but when it comes to mental strength, Vice Admiral Momonga is Top Tier. He gained the number 7 slot not because he was able to easily kill a Sea King, use Haki or because he was to push Luffy back with his swordsmanship in the Battle of Marineford. No he got this spot because he was the only man on his ship to resist Boa Hancock’s powers (which can be considered as the most dangerous weapon to men). That mental fortification along with his experience makes him a formidable potential threat.

6. Smoker the White Hunter

Truth be told, if this was a “My Favourite Admirals” List, Smoker would have been in first place. What’s not to love about Smoker? He is strong, cool and true to his beliefs. Alas this is a strength list and as such, he settles at the number 6 slot. We haven’t seen much of Smoker since Punk Hazard, however, we do know that he has become a Vice-Admiral. Being a Vice-Admiral, Smoker has learned how to utilize Haki. Add that to his strong physique, his Logia Devil Fruit Moku Moku no Mi and we would have a Vice-Admiral that’s next in line to become an Admiral.

5. Tsuru aka Master Tactician

They say with age comes wisdom, and Vice Admiral Tsuru is the embodiment of that saying. The oldest known Vice Admiral in the Navy (clocking in at 63) she was still able to strike fear into infamous pirates like Doflamingo. Don’t let her age fool you. Tsuru fought alongside the Legendary Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku. Who might I remind you, fought on par against the Legendary Roger, the only person to rule the Grand Line. As a Vice Admiral, she can also use Haki which compliments her weird powers she gained from eating the Woshu Woshu no Mi Devil Fruit, which literally wash people. Though it may sound and look weird, this ability can remove the evil from someone, literally washing them clean. If it weren’t for her age she would be higher on the list, but 5/10 at 63 is a great feat.

4. Issho aka. Fujitora
A blind swordsman that can control gravity? Doesn’t sound possible, but in an anime where a reindeer is the doctor to a pirate crew; why not? Issho was not given much time to shine, but from the little screen time he gained, he became a loved and feared character. His sense of morality and duty more reflects the ideals of Aokiji than Fleet Admiral Akainu. His gentle and kind spirit allowed him to let Straw Hat Luffy escape already. However, his gentle spirit and blindness should not be taken as a weakness. His swordsmanship skills are so impressive that Zoro wanted to test his skills at a first glance. In the Dressora Arc, we saw, what I believe to be, a mere fraction of his actual skills. His ability to manipulate gravity complements his swordsmanship skills. Hoping to see more of his powers and skills soon but for now, he would take my number 4 slot.

3. Kuzan aka Aokiji & Sakazuki aka Akainu
A lot would disagree here simply because Aokiji lost to Akainu for the battle of Fleet admiral on Punk Hazard; but hear me out with this one. This battle could have gone either way. Akainu only won because he would be a better Fleet Admiral due to the plot. If it weren’t for that fact, it can go either way. They both have insane stamina (the ability to fight at full power for 10 days; Luffy can only go for about 5 minutes), insane power (there are only 3 Admirals at a time) and they both cancel each other out (Akainu may have more experience due to age, but since Aokiji is younger he may be agile). The fight could really have gone either, as such, they both tie for third.

2. Borsalino Aka. Kizaru.
Okay I know what you’re thinking, he wasn’t promoted to Fleet Admiral like Akainu; why is he Number 2? Well frankly because Kizaru is over powered. He is a Logia Type Devil Fruit user. After eating the Pika Pika no Mi devil fruit, he literally became light. He can turn into light and move as fast as light. How amazing is this? Light travels at 299,792 kilometers per second (186,282 miles per second). With that speed, one can travel around the Earth 7.5 times in one second. Imagine getting hit by a punch at that speed? I can bet that not even Kaido can take a hit like that and come out unscathed. Kizaru only weakness seems to be his carefree personality. But rest assured, if he does get serious, it would be a hell of a massacre

1. Sengoku.
Why is Sengoku number 1 on this list? One word, experience. He was an admiral before the series began, fighting alongside legends like Garp against Legendary foes like Shiki and Roger. I’m not saying that the pirates we have now aren’t to be trifled with, I’m saying that Shiki was the first to escape the legendary prison Impel Down and Captain Roger is the only person to rule the Grand Line. Sengoku fought against these legends and won. His experiences that he gained from those foes, gives him a clear advantage over current legendary pirates like Shanks therefore he deserved the Number One Spot.

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