10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Made Millions

Video Games are often threatened with a possibility to get cancelled. There is a tonne of games that would’ve been very successful in the gaming industry, but weren’t, simply because they just got cancelled. I myself have been hyped for games to come numerous times, but in the end, there’s just bitter disappointment. Here’s a list of 10 Cancelled Video Games that could’ve made millions.

10. Timesplitters 4

Timesplitters 4

TimeSplitters is one of the video games that bring back great memories to every gamer who has ever played them. All three games in the series were great, and Timesplitters 4 would’ve been too, had it been released. Unfortunately, it never was, and the main reasons behind that was Free Radical, being being bought out by Crytek.

9. Six Days In Fallujah

Six Days In Fallujah

Six Days In Fallujah sounded like one of the most awesome games to come when it was announced based on its title alone. This cancelled game from Atomic Games promised the six days to be very eventful, and was set in Iraq. However, it was ultimately cancelled by Konami.

8. Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry was set for a release back in 2007. It was rumoured to be set between the original movie, and the sequel Magnum Force. However, The Collective, Inc., who were the developers for the game, eventually, for some reason, thought the game shouldn’t go any further, and after years in development, the project was eventually cancelled.

7. Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 was rumoured to have featured infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett. It included his adventures as he went on a journey to fulfill destiny in a galaxy far, far away. The game was intended to be an expansion to the Star Wars saga, but it just vanished into nothingness. This happened because Disney bought LucasFilm, and the. decided to close down the LucasArts branch, who were in charge of the development of this game.

6. Halo: Chronicles

Halo: Chronicles

Halo is a huge gaming franchise from Xbox, and it is guaranteed to make millions on every game in the series. Halo chronicles look much of the same, and it was said that the game would have been pretty much similar to an interactive film. But, as the Halo movie fell through, work on this game slowed down as well. Ultimately, it was completely scrapped off, and then we never heard anything of this game.

5. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight, which is often regarded as the beg superhero movie ever, could’ve been a game as well. But, well it didn’t make it. Pandemic Studios were responsible for creating this game back in 2007. But information on this game never came. It was set for a release in around 2008, but we never heard anything of it. The project was just dropped.

4. Agent


Agent was supposed to be Rockstar’s ’70s inspired Bond spoof, and if it had made it, I’m sure it would have impressed gamers just as much as games like Red Dead Revolver, or Grand Theft Auto did. It has strictly speaking, never been officially cancelled. However, we haven’t heard anything from it, and it has been close to a decade now, so you shouldn’t expect to it to pop up anytime soon.

3. The Lord of the Rings: The White Council

The Lord of the Rings: The White Council

The Lord of the Rings is a huge franchise, and you can expect millions of people to buy games related to this franchise. There have been a lot of Lord of the Rings video games that have done great, financially z even though all of them weren’t great games to play. This game would’ve been pretty similar, but because it got cancelled, it never was. Much like many other games, it just completely vanished and the idea has been scrapped off completely.

2. Fallout Online

Fallout Online

Fallout Franchise is one of the biggest games ever, and it would’ve easily made millions of dollars had it been released. But, like all the games in this list, it got cancelled. This game would’ve been out, but there were many bothersome legal issues, which led to its death. Sadly, it would’ve been a great game to play. Or atleast it sounded like it would’ve been a great one.

1. Super Mario 128

Super Mario 128

This game for Nintendo GameCube was announced after the huge success of Super Mario 64, which is one of the best games ever made. Super Mario 128 had the potential to even surpass that and become the greatest game to be ever made. But the game actually never happened. It’s huge potential was wasted, and I’m pretty sure if it was created, it would’ve been one of the most epic games ever. Do you believe these games would’ve made millions? Let me know in the comments section below!


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