Possible MAJOR Role Of The Universes That Didn’t Take Part In The Tournament of Power

The Tournament of Power began has been going on for some time now, and two Universes, Universe 9 and Universe 10, have already been erased. The purpose of the Tournament of Power was to reduce the amount of Universes that Zeno would have to look after.

Originally, he just planned to destroy them, but thanks to Goku, everybody had an equal chance at survival now, and so began the most grand tournament that anyone had ever seen. However, the Tournament of Power only included the Universes with the lowest fighter levels.

Universe 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11 had to take part in this huge tournament, while Universe 1, 5, 8 and 13 were exempted from taking part because their average mortal rank was above 7. So it was pretty clear that Zeno only wants to erase the most weak Universe overall.

After the Tournament of Power, only one from the 8 Universes, who are taking part in the Tournament of Power, would remain. There are also 4 more Universes. So, in total, Zeno would have around 5 Universes to look over. But, what exactly is the role of the 4 Universes that were exempted from the Tournament of Power?

Going by the consensus, the fighters in Universe 1, 5, 8 and 12 are supposed to be very strong. They will appear sometime in the future, otherwise it would be pointless to just name them, and introduce them to us. There is some sort of a future that Dragon Ball Super holds for them. In my opinion, a ‘Villain’ might be appearing from one of these Universes very soon.

who is strongest than god of destruction

They are the strongest Universes, so it is likely that the mortals that live there are are the strongest as well. Many people believe that the remaining Universes may also appear in a Tournament later on in the series.

But, we’ve already had two Tournament at just 100 episodes in the series. I really don’t think we’ll be getting another one anytime soon. I think a major arc where some members of Universe 7 would have to go to one of these Universes sounds about right.

We also know that somewhere, in some Universe, there is a mortal who is stronger than the God of Destruction. When you think about it, many characters come to mind. We have characters like Jiren, and even though he’s extremely powerful, I doubt that’s him. If it were, I think we would’ve found out by now through Whis or Beerus.

I really think the mortal who can defeat the God of Destruction is from one of the remaining Universes. If that is the case, then we’ll have an epic arc in front of us in the future. I think that would be the main purpose that the remaining Universes would serve in the future of the series. But, that’s just own opinion.

What do you think the role of the remaining Universes will be? Let me know in the comments section below!

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8 Mortals That Already Surpassed Most of The Gods Of Destruction

Mortals VS Gods, these are the most spectacular battles in the Dragon Ball Super. There is always that charm when a mortal would hold his ground against a God of Destruction. But mortals in could surpass the Gods, and it has been seen in the Dragon Ball Multiverse.

Now that we have a clearer benchmark on who is the most powerful God of destruction in the whole multiverse, we can also safely assume that these humans can surpass some of them. In case you don’t know, according to latest Dragon Ball Super Manga, Beerus is the strongest God of Destruction.

Note: We are not talking about Beerus here but other Gods of Destruction.

8. Kale


7. Hit



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