This Is Why Goku And Vegeta Should Also Get Gohan’s Mystic Form

This Is Why Goku And Vegeta Should Also Get Gohan’s Mystic Form

Gohan might not have the Super Saiyan Blue or the Super Saiyan God. But he got his own Mystic Form that he uses now and then. He is the only one who can use the Mystic Form, and this is why he’s different from other Earth Saiyans. Though Vegeta and Goku might have fancy SSB and SSG transformations, they should try to learn Gohan’s Mystic form, and here’s the reason why.


The reason is straightforward, and it makes sense. Mystic Form is a form that grows with your base form. And to improve your base form, you must train and train and train. Since this is what Goku and Vegeta always do, they will be benefitting more if they can have the Mystic Form. If that happens, they won’t even be needing to conserve stamina. Their transformations have been plaguing them both with stamina drain.


This is the difference of the Super Saiyan transformation and the Mystic Form. When you train, Mystic Form will be your base. You don’t have to transform to have a power boost. Meanwhile, Super Saiyan transformations only multiply your base into multipliers based on the transformation. The power boost will only be effective as long as your stamina can hold the transformation. That’s why when the Saiyans fight, they usually need Senzu beans to carry on.

The only downward of Mystic Form is that it deteriorates when the user is not training. Gohan was able to tap on his Super Saiyan form because SSJ something that can be achieved through the user’s will. Mystic Form is a high maintenance form that loses over time. But it is a good form if you want to conserve stamina without losing power.

Goku was supposed to have his own Mystic Form just before the Tournament of Power. But because there is no time for the 24-hour ritual, it was not done. Imagine if his Mystic Form was activated and Goku was able to use this? He can go all out early on Tournament of Power.

Though this form will have a greater effect on Vegeta. He is training a lot and he constantly strengthens his body. He can also achieve newer heights by training alone (Super Saiyan Blue). I personally think that base Vegeta could surpass base Goku. The only thing that Vegeta lacks is Goku’s expertise in gaining new forms.

Mystic Form does not guarantee that you will not run out of stamina or something like that. But it enables you to stay in the battle longer without reducing your input to the fight. SSJ transformations still give a lot of power but because of the power drain, it is not designed for longer battles. Gohan’s Mystic form might be the only explanation why he still has the stamina at the end of the tournament.

When you ask me what is better between SSG and Mystic Form, I’d say Mystic form. Super Saiyan God will only be effective when changing from SSG to SSB. While in Mystic Form, you don’t need to do the changing because it both maximizes stamina and power as it is.

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The REAL reason why there is no killing allowed in the Tournament of Power

Back when the Tournament of Power was first announced, even before we had the rules set out to us by the Great Priest himself, everyone wondered what the rules of the Tournament of Power would be.


When they were finally revealed it seemed that the biggest rule set out in the Tournament of Power is that you are absolutely NOT allowed to kill your opponent. So the mystery with this is why? Why does it matter if an opponent is killed when the loosing Universes are going to be erased anyway? Well there may be a couple of big reasons why that it.


So why is the no killing rule so important being around such powerful entities such as the Angel Attendants and the Great Priest? Surely they should be able to bring someone back and escort them to the side lines.. Or the very least rewind time and stop the fight before it gets to far. Well it may not be that simple. Having 80 warriors fighting at once would be hard to ensure every participant is safe if killing wasn’t such a big deal. Even the Great Priest as powerful as he’s made out to be must have his limits?


What about this? What if participants cannot be killed because of where they are? They are in the World of Void. Looking at what Voids are referred to as is nothingness! Taking that and applying it to where they are, they are in a world where literally nothing exists. Not a heaven, or a hell where someone can go to, to be brought back in case of accidental death. It has been shown many times that complete erasure of a Universe is the goal here for loosing Universes, and if someone was accidentally killed without the Great Priest catching….

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