The New Ki That Will Emerge From Goku’s Body – Explained!

The New Ki That Will Emerge From Goku’s Body – Explained!

Probably one of the biggest moments of the entire Dragon Ball Super series is getting nearer than ever. Goku is getting a new power up in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes, and as fans, we cannot wait.

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, we got to see Goku surpass his previous power limits yet again. From a mere Super Saiyan, he was able to transform into a Super Saiyan God.

The New Ki That Will Emerge From Goku’s Body – Explained!

But, that wasn’t all. Goku went even further, and attained the Super Saiyan Blue form in Dragon Ball Super. He’s been on a totally different level ever since then. However, now, the Universe Survival Arc needs him to be even stronger.

We all know Goku is fighting against Jiren very soon, and Jiren is said to be a total monster. I personally don’t think there is anyone as string as Jiren in the Tournament of Power, and I know a lot of you think so too. But, we know Goku always finds a way to break his limits. He has done that a hundred times before, and even though he is said to be no match for Jiren, we know Goku will find a way somehow.

The New Ki That Will Emerge From Goku’s Body – Explained!

He is going to go past his limits yet again, and this time, he’ll do it by using a power that has never been seen before. We’ve all seen the Super Saiyan forms, and the Limit Breaker looks nothing like it. Infact, this transformation utilizes a totally new Ki that has never been seen before.

We’ve seen Goku use God Ki in Dragon Ball Super, but is this Ki similar to God Ki? Or is it something else entirely? I think Goku will still be using God Ki in his fight against Jiren.

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However, it is control of the Ki that will drastically improve. At this point, there can’t be anything beyond God Ki. It is the ultimate form of Ki that we have.

So, my bet is that the Ki that Goku and Vegeta have been using so far is an incomplete version of Super Saiyan God. There’s actually levels beyond that. In his fight against Jiren, Goku might actually master the usage of God Ki, which will let him use the explosive full potential of the Super Saiyan God form.


We also see Goku’s eyes turn silver. If you look closely, they resemble Zamasu’s eyes a lot. Zamasu was a God, and so, the silver eyes do hint that Goku might be mastering his God form against Jiren.

But, of course that’s just my opinion. You are entitled to have yours, and I’ll be more than interested to know what you think about it. Let me know in the comments section below.

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How Goku Will Reveal His New Form In Dragon Ball Super

The Tournament of Power is about to reach its most intense moment yet, when our Universe 7’s Goku will be clashing against Universe 11’s Jiren, in what has been described as the clash of clashes. We’ve all been waiting so long for this to happen, and we’ve been so hyped for this.

How Goku Will Reveal His New Form In Dragon Ball Super

Even Toei Animation themselves started promoting this fight a long time ago, and it has build out excitement even more. Goku has tried to fight Jiren before as well, but there have always been interruptions. But now, there won’t be any more interruptions, as the one-hour special that will showcase this fight is closer than ever.

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How Goku Will Reveal His New Form In Dragon Ball Super


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