5 One Piece Attack So Strong That Can Destroy An Island


In today’s list we will be seeing 5 techniques in One Piece that are able to destroy an entire island. There are more than just 5, these are just the 5 I like best.

1. Burakku Hōru


Burakku Hōru also known as Black Hole Path or just Black Hole is Blackbeard’s attack by spreading his darkness over a large area, anything he desires will be sucked in. The desired objects or people sucked in will have to face a huge amount of gravity and get crushed, just like when showing off his abilities to Portgas D. Ace whilst sucking up the whole village of the Island of Banaro.

2. Kaishin and Shima Yurashi


Two attacks used by Whitebeard, Kaishin’s literal meaning is Seaquake, with his hand he cracks the air sending shockwaves through the air creating earthquakes followed by tsunamis. It is quite devastating and easily destroys islands with it but not as much as Shima Yurashi literally meaning Island Shaking.


Using this attack, he kind of grabs the air surrounding him and pulls it like it was an object and rapidly shifts it. Shima Yurashi tilted the whole island of Marineford in different ways making building getting destroyed and a giant was thrown of his feet.

3. Raigō


Raigō is one of Enel’s attack which he managed to destroy one of Skypeia’s islands. Using his powers combined with the Ark Maxim he creates a spherical cloud incorporated with lightning. It is a fearsome attack that can easily destroy islands.

4. Torikago


Donquixote Doflamingo uses Torikago or otherwise known as Birdcage to create a huge amount of strings surrounding a whole island. The strings are so strong that haki, meteorites, Zoro’s attacks and the whole island giving all they have got to just push it back can even stand to its immense power. DD can control the strings by slowing them down or making them faster just by a simple gesture of his hands. It will unfold and get destroyed only if DD is defeated or is unconscious.

5. Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ


Its literal meaning is Rubber Rubber Monkey King Murder of Crows Cannon. This is the version of Gomu Gomu no Gatling but in his Gear Fourth. By compressing both of his fists into his arms, seemingly having 6 horizontal hands which I believe is just him moving his arms so fast that 6 hands appear, releasing devastating heavy pushes that with each blow it was able to crush Cracker’s Biscuit Soldiers and biscuit shields. No one would be surprised if this attack may destroy a whole island.

That is it for today with the 5 One Piece Techniques that can destroy an island. Hope you enjoyed it and let us know which attack you think can destroy an island down below. I wish to see you on the next article.

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One Piece Creator Reveals 3 New Characters And A Mythical Devil Fruit!?

Hi guys, today we will be discussing the event coming up regarding the 20th anniversary happening in Kyoto and the reveal of Wano kingdom chapter and some spoilers.


In the photograph above we can see the 6 of the straw hat crew and a mythical creature in their background. Today I will be revealing what is the creature and the two people right behind luffy. Also we will cover the relation of the creature and the blonde guy.

will not reveal what the story is going to be as it removes all the fun out of the story and I do not exactly know it too haha. BUT, I will let you know the background of from where the creature is derived and the man with the bow and arrows on his back are. Let’s start of with the legend of the creature in question.


Its name is Nue, a legendary Japanese yōkai or mononoke. It is described to have the front half of a snake for a tail, the body of a Tanuki (Japanese racoon dog), the legs of a tiger and the face of a monkey. Many might say, it is clear that the creature has a body of a tiger too and I couldn’t agree more but let’s face it, if the mythical creatures in One Piece are exactly the same as the mythical creatures in real life what fun would it be? Oda would just be doing a historical accurate tv show instead of creative anime.


The man with blonde hair, arrow and bow on his back is from the same legendary tale I will be talking about in a minute is derived from Minamoto no Yorimasa.

The legend started sometime in the Heian period dating back between 794-1185. This period is named after the capital city of Heian-kyō, or modern Kyōto hence the Wano Kingdom is set in Kyōto. The creature appears to be a combination of animals in the Sexagenery cycle. This cycle of 60 terms is a mean to distinguish time in China and Eastern Asian cultures. with a northeast Tiger, a southeast Snake, a southwest Monkey, and a northwest Qian (dog and wild boar).


In Heike Monogatari and Settsu Meisho Zue tells a tale about the killing of the Nue which says: At the place where the Emperor Konoe lived, appeared a black smokey cloud along with an eerie sound resembling a crying voice, making the Emperor Nijō afraid, the emperor fell into an unknown sickness and neither prayer nor medicine could heal him.

Continue reading the post.

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One Piece Creator Reveals 3 New Characters And A Mythical Devil Fruit!?

One Piece Creator Reveals 3 New Characters And A Mythical Devil Fruit!?

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