The Origin Of The Gods In Dragon Ball Super

The Origin Of The Gods In Dragon Ball Super

The Gods from Dragon Ball Super all seem to be extremely powerful. They’re beings with power that only few can match up to. The Gods in Dragon Ball may seem to be Immortal and invincible, however, that probably wasn’t always the case. In fact, I believe many Gods from Dragon Ball Super started off as mortals. However, they weren’t just any mortals. They were the best of the pack, just like Goku and Vegeta are.


Being the best, they grew more powerful than the others, and their power grew at an amazing rate. When their power reached the highest point, i believe it is possible that they were promoted to the status of a God


Otherwise, they started off as mortals. All the Gods come from a race of mortals, who are the promoted. Of course, this greatly depends on how much effort one puts into it. You could see how Goku and Vegeta are being trained by Whis.

It is clear indication that there is more to this than just training. Whis might as well just want them to replace Beerus as the God of Destruction sometime in the future. But, right now, they’re not even powerful enough to put up a challenge up to Beerus, so they still have ways to go


So how exactly do they get promoted to God Status? Well, that’s the interesting part. I believe that the Tournament of Power is what picks the Gods. We have this huge Tournament, that had people and universes getting erased left right and center.

However, what if they’re not getting erased? What if we’re just led to believe that they’re no more there. I know, even the angels weren’t able to sense the Universes, so that must mean they’re gone.

However, the power of Zen-oh and the Grand Priest is way beyond their capabilities. So if they want it to appear like that, maybe they can do that. But, if the universes aren’t getting destroyed, what is the purpose of having a survival Tournament? As I mentioned before, I believe this is the choosing place for the gods, and not some regular tournament.

All the fighters may be thinking they’re fighting for survival, but in reality they would be fighting to obtain the position of a God. This also explains why there is a no killing rule in the Tournament of Power.


If people were allowed to kill, the tournament would’ve been very different from what it is. Ultimately, there will only be one Universe left, and the strongest fighter to emerge from that Universe will get to be the God of Destruction. I personally am a huge fan of this theory and shout out to the person who owns it.

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The Real Reason Why Zen-Oh Has Guards With Him!

Zen-Oh is said to be the strongest of all in the Dragon Ball Super series. However, even someone like him has guards with him. When Zeno first appeared, his guards intervened when Goku wanted to go meet Zeno. However, since Goku meant no harm the Grand Priest let him go near.

But, if Zeno is all powerful, why does he need guards? The most sensible answer would be that Zeno is just not a fighter. So, while he does have the power to destroy anything, he may not be as good combat wise. This was hinted at when he wasn’t able to see Dyspo, when he fought hit, even though Whis managed to get a glimpse.

Zeno’s guards serve a big purpose. They don’t let anyone with malice get close to Zeno. Many wonder what anyone could even do to Zeno. But, like I said, it is very much possible that Zeno can’t fight. So, maybe, just maybe, if someone takes him surprise, they can even kill him.

I’m not sure, but it is a possibility, definitely. Some also say he’s Immortal, so if is possible that nobody can even kill Zeno. So what’s the need for bodyguards if you’re really Immortal and invincible at the same time? Well, even then, there’s a need for guards.


There are many abilities that can totally make use of Zeno’s abilities, for example, Ginyu’s body switch technique. It Zeno is hit by that one, it’ll be terrible. And knowing Zeno, he probably won’t even sense malice in the attempt. He’s pretty naive. In one of the fillers of Drgon Ball Super, the superhuman water that made a clone of Vegeta, could also take advantage of Zeno.

I’m not saying it’s canon, I know it is not. I’m just putting forward the possibility that Zeno’s ability can be used against him. Zeno may even be Immortal, but he’s naive. If anyone manages to get a hold of his body, then it’s all

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