The Dark Origin For Goku’s New Form – Rumors Or Truth

The Dark Origin For Goku’s New Form – Rumors Or Truth

I guess by now everyone is already familiar with the news and update about Goku’s new form. The form looks astonishing However, there are some fatigues and other dangerous fighting marks on Goku’s body. Unlike, the Super Saiyan Blue and God form, this form will be awakened by Rage or Anger, come-on you guys can see that as well:

The Dark Origin For Goku’s New Form – Rumors Or Truth

Goku looked too dense in this form, this might be because Goku went through something depressing, well, I can’t say about what exactly happened to him but I’am damn sure that this form sure had some Dark Origin. The other thing to focus here is Goku’s Silver Eyes. Some Famous Twitter Figures revealed that Goku might cry in Tournament of Power. However, I don’t have proofs for that so I’m not going to include the topic. But somehow all the paths get merged into one and makes Goku’s New Form.


It is very rare to see someone like Goku Crying, This somehow makes sense with something unexpected is about to happen in Dragon Ball Super!

Times when Goku cried in the past:


Bardock Special (as a baby)
Broly Special (as a baby)
When Goku sees Grandpa Gohan at Baba’s place
When he sees Krillin’s dead body
After he kills King Piccolo
Android 8’s death in path to power.

Writers suggests Goku’s new transformation will be a violent one. The form is said to involve “awakening the original brutal and cruel Saiyan genes” which Universe 7 was once familiar with. With no source to lean on, the leak can be regarded as nothing but a rumor.


New reports revealed the Saiyan will take on his new form on October 8th in a Dragon Ball Super TV special. The debut is being described as the “climax” of the Tournament of Power, so fans will get to see Goku power into the form when he fights against Jiren. As we already know that Jiren have shown a little interest in fighting Goku. If Jiren thinks Goku may go berserk, the mysterious warrior might just try to strike him down preemptively.

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Who Is Going To Give Goku Energy For Spirit Bomb In Next Episode?

The Spirit Bomb is Goku’s last resort for enemies that cannot be defeated by strength alone. It was a one for all – all for one attack that (failed to) destroyed some of the nastiest villains of the Dragon Ball series. It was also an attack that only Goku is able to do among the Z-warriors.

Who Is Going To Give Goku Energy For Spirit Bomb In Next Episode?

The latest preview of Dragon Ball Super showed Goku’s first bout against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. He was seen using a Spirit Bomb while on his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20. He made a Spirit Bomb with a considerable size of energy, and Jiren’s not moving at all to avoid the killer technique.

Who Is Going To Give Goku Energy For Spirit Bomb In Next Episode?

Where will Goku gather the energy needed to throw a spirit bomb that size at the first place? He could not use the help of all the living things of Universe 7 (though I am curious how big of a spirit bomb that would be.) Even the benched baldies cannot help Goku this time because the Universe 7 will be erased immediately if they did.

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