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So as we all know in Dragon Ball Super the biggest impact in the series so far is the introduction to the God’s of Destruction, the Angel’s and the Super Saiyan God transformation. What about Super Namekian God?

What about Super Namekian God?

Another huge impact in the series was the introduction of the Super Dragon Balls and the infinite power they wield! There has been a lot of questions surrounding the Super Dragon Balls, mostly “where did they come from?”. Well in this Article I hope to spread a little insight in to this, and give you, the reader some ideas for this.

As we all know, in the past Namekian’s were split in to 2 classes or clans. There is the Warrior Clan which Piccolo is a part of, and the Dragon Clan which Kami was apart of, and now Dende. As Piccolo mentioned WAY back in Dragon Ball Z it takes a Dragon Clan Namekian in order to create the Dragon Balls and unleash the Dragon to grant wishes. So is this the same as the Super Dragon Balls? Did a bunch of Namekians come together many, many years ago to create them? I don’t think so, and here’s why!

What he can note from past episodes of Dragon Ball Z pertaining to the Dragon Balls that, it take a (meaning 1), Dragon Clan Namekian in order to create the Dragon Balls. If it were possible for multiple Namekians to combine their power in to one Dragon, don’t you think there would of been talks about it, or some lore passed down over the ages?


This is what leads me to believe there either is, or was a Super Namekian God. This could explain why both Universe 6 and 7 both have Namekians and why the Super Dragon Balls only reside with Universe 6 and 7. This is no hint as to where Namekians came from, it seems as if the Namekians and planet Namek just appeared out of nowhere one day, and also could explain why planet Namek continuously survives tragedy after tragedy like someone is watching over the Namekians…

Also if there is or was a Super Namekian God it could explain the Super Dragon Balls and their infinite power. As we look at the power Dragon Clan Namekians can put in to the Dragon Balls already is pretty extraordinary! At one point you could wish for immortality from Earth’s Dragon Balls which is crazy to think about. After seeing what the Super Dragon Balls and what their capable of like restoring a planet in a completely different Universe, it’s not hard to think there was or is this Super Namekian God who gave life to the Super Dragon Balls and also all the Namekian’s in Universe 6 and 7.

So what are all your thoughts? Do you think there could be a Super Namekian God? How could the Super Dragon Balls be created? Let us know all your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments down below. As always thanks for reading!

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Is Universe 7 Going To Lose The Tournament of Power?

So before I start this off I want to put it out there and say I’m not saying Universe 7 is 100% going to loose. This Article is simply outlining ways that Universe 7 could potentially loose the Tournament of Power.


Having said that, this is Dragon Ball after all, and basically anything can happen, even our Universe 7 fighters loosing the Tournament of Power. It is very unlikely that Universe 7 will loose but it’s still a possibility, and seeing how its a possibility let’s talk about ways Universe 7 could loose the Tournament of Power.

The first way is the Yardrat from Universe 2 Jimeze. Now I know what your thinking, “how could someone like that cause trouble for Goku?”. Well the fact both Jimeze and Goku can both use the Instantaneous Movement Technique or known as Instant Transmission. Up till now, not much is known about this technique other then you can move from place to place as long as you can sense where your going. My theory to this is that because the Yardrats created this technique that Jimeze can appear in Goku’s Instantanious Movement path and make things difficult for Goku to use that to keep from being ringed out. How would that work? Like this – Someone like Jiren knocks Goku to the edge and Goku tries to use his Instantaneous Movement and instead Jimeze interferes, making Goku fall out. Without Goku, Universe 7 is without their trump card.

Next is a complete hail marry but, what if after Goku awakens this power ALL the other Universes left, every member rushes Goku. Yeah there’s still Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and the others to help Goku but not to fight off the rest of the participants. After the God’s of Destruction witness Goku’s new power they grow torubled and all of the God’s of Destruction order their teams to rush and attack. No matter who you are, unless your the Great Priest having all those participants rush you at once would be overwhelming for anyone even Goku. With the likes of Hit, Toppo, Caulifla, Kale, Jiren and other strong, top tier fighters would be too much for Goku at once and eventually falls to stamina exhaustion.

The last one is the most possible of the ways Universe 7 could loose the Tournament of Power and that is the unstoppable force of Jiren, Toppo and Dyspo. Through out the Tournament of Power an…

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  1. Like the Saiyans, the Nameks may also require five powerful fighters to form the Super Namekian God . Merging with Piccolo means that Universe 6 won’t be erased as long as the Super Namekian God stands in the tournament. If this will really happen, it will be the biggest plot twist in the


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