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How strong are the Zeno’s Bodyguards- EXPLAINED

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There has been a lot of speculation about the Zeno’s Bodyguards. More importantly how strong are they and what they are capable of and in this Article I am going to shed some light on this.

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Now when it comes to the Bodyguards there hasn’t been a lot shown on screen or in the Manga of them. So for this I had to dig deeper and look for clues and hints as to where they would stack when it comes to power.

I believe these Bodyguards are incredibly strong! In order to protect someone like the King of All that are basically children. So for someone so important like the King of All he would need a very strong and sturdy defense. Which is where the Bodyguards come in. When you look at any time someone approached the Zeno’s or even spoke to him wrong the Zeno’s Bodyguards reacted. Look at that time Goku approached Zeno and they were in front of Goku before anyone realized it. It is very obvious they are willing to lay their lives on the line for the King of All.

Is it possible that the Great Priest created these Bodyguards for Zeno? Just like he created the Angels to be attendants for the God’s of Destruction. It’s been confirmed in the show that the Angel’s are far stronger then the God’s of Destruction, so how exactly strong could these Bodyguards be that are supposed to protect the King of All? Where would they be on the totem poll of power?

I believe they are at the very least stronger then the God’s of Destruction! These Bodyguards need to be strong enough to protect Zeno from any threat and how could they do that if their not at least stronger then the God’s of Destruction? If they were not stronger then they would be efficient Bodyguards. Its been said that the God’s of Destruction are not the strongest beings in the Multiverse. We have the Angel’s, the Great Priest and that mortal who is stronger then a God of Destruction hinted by Whis.

They could also be stronger then the Angel’s themselves. When you look all through out History all figures of importance has solid, sturdy defense and protection. The fact that the King of All is the most important person in the Multiverse, he would have the strongest protection and security possible. Which would make these Bodyguards incredibly strong. It would put them as some of the strongest beings in the Multiverse. Being able to show up in a moments notice, appear through any material, these Bodyguards are not ones to be messed with in the Multiverse.

What do you all think? Where do you think the Bodyguards stack up on the power totem poll?Would love to hear your thoughts, and comments on this topic. Thanks for reading!


Can something big be coming up in Dragon Ball Super?

So with the show being in the Survival Arc focusing on the Tournament of Power, could there be something bigger coming up in the future or possibly during the Tournament?

Seeing how the Tournament of Power is to date the biggest spectacle Dragon Ball has ever done in it’s series entirety, the question is what can Dragon Ball Super do to top the Tournament of Power? Is this as far as our warriors go? I don’t think so! Here as some possible big, and shocking moments coming up in Dragon Ball Super.

First off, Vegeta needs his moment! Vegeta should get to show case Super Saiyan God just like Goku did. More so, Vegeta should do it against Hit and knock him out of the Tournament! Vegeta has never really had his moment to shine since the Buu Arc back in Dragon Ball Z, and then a little showing when Beerus smacked Bulma, but that’s it! I’m not saying Vegeta needs to be stronger but he needs his moment to showcase what all that training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber has done. Vegeta needs his redemption in a rematch against Hit.

Also we could expect see a Piccolo moment. Yes, I am saying Piccolo. There are other Namekians on the Universe 6 team. Piccolo needs to show them the power of a true Namekian! Piccolo hasn’t had much of a moment besides helping Gohan regain his fighting spirit and improve his attitude towards opponents in battle. Piccolo is an original character, and the only original Dragon Ball character besides Krillin and Master Roshi. For how much Piccolo trains and meditates he needs to show off what all that has led to. Piccolo needs some redemption after the poor showing against Frost in the Universe 7 vs…

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