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Zeno Has A Weakness And He Can Be Killed – EXPLAINED


Seeing how both Zeno’s are the “King’s above all” does that mean they are in fact immortal? I don’t think so and in this Article I’m going to outline ways that the Zeno’s can be killed in Dragon Ball Super.

Seeing someone of the Zeno’s stature being killed would be a very big shock factor moment. Just what could be the Zeno’s down fall? Who would want to kill the Zeno’s? I may have some information on that for you!

First way the Zeno’s can be killed is from the God’s of Destruction! I know most wont agree but they are the God’s of Destruction for a reason right? The remaining God’s of Destruction growing tired of seeing Universes and fellow God’s of Destruction being erased decide to take a stand. They command their Attendant Angel’s to join them in taking the fight to the Zeno’s. Keep in mind these God’s of Destruction are given the power to erase anything! The swarm the Zeno’s Bodyguards and all of them use their Hakia Destruction to erase the Zeno’s to end their tyranny on all of their Universes!

Second way the Zeno’s can be killed in Dragon Ball Super is from the Great Priest himself! Who better to kill of the King’s above all then their Attendant Angel himself? It has been said that he’s at the top of top 5 fighters in the entire Multiverse. Seeing the little bit of power he has and what he’s capable of its not a long shot to say the Great Priest could kill the Zeno’s. His motive for it, would be to end being a slave to 2 children who hold the power to erase Universes in an instant. He’s grown tired of catering to their playtime and every beckon call. The Great Priest could do it when the Tournament is almost over and there is only 2 or 3 Universes left, everyone is tired and not expecting it. He could snap his fingers and make the Bodyguards go away and take both the Zeno’s life!

The Third way the Zeno’s can be killed is the misuse of his power! Yes, we know that the Zeno’s can erase the Universe’s but does that mean they have infinite power? Most likely not! They most likely have a limit to what they can do and how much they can erase at a time. So what if the Zeno’s have not recovered from their previous games erasing random planets before the Tournament of Power and the rest they had was not enough? After erasing the 7 Universes that loose in the Tournament of Power the Zeno’s have used up all of their power and start fading away due to using all of their power and the Zeno’s are no more!

The final way the Zeno’s can be killed is by misuse of the Zeno Button! We all know Goku has the Zeno Button even in the Tournament of Power cause there was never a shot of him putting it down. Goku attempted to give it to Baba and she declined so Goku put it back in his Gi. That means Goku still has it during the Tournament of Power. Now what if someone like Frieza who has declared himself to rule over all some day gets a hold of that button and calls the Zeno’s away from their Bodyguards? The Zeno’s would be vulnerable and wouldn’t know what is happening as Frieza fills both the Zeno’s with Death Beams and finishes them off before anyone else knows what is going on. Frieza could have the biggest upset in all of Dragon Ball!

No matter what happens this Tournament is setting up to be quite the battle! What do you all think, do you think the Zeno’s could be in trouble? Or are they too protected? Would love to hear you idea’s and comments about this! Thanks for reading!


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