8+ Character That Needs More Time In Tournament Of Power

We have seen a lot of action and character development already in the Tournament of Power. There’s been episode after episode of different character development from Caulifla leaning more about the Super Saiyan Transformation, to Master Roshi finally being able to withstand the distraction of a woman. With everything that we’ve seen are there some characters that haven’t been given enough screen time, or character development through out the Tournament of Power?

Yes, I know not everyone can have screen time and be able to pack it in to a 20 minute episode. What I’m saying is, the writers are missing development and screen time with these very key characters. Everyone knows that this Tournament will end with Goku, so why is he getting so much screen time now? Here is a list of characters participating within the Tournament of Power that desperately need more screen time and more development.

First on the list is Cabba! The innocent Saiyan who basically begged Vegeta to teach him how to go Super Saiyan back in the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 Tournament. We have seen literally a second of Cabba on screen. He showed up out of a cloud of smoke, eliminated 2 people and threatened Vegeta, that’s it! It has been 8 episodes since the Tournament of Power has started, so where has Cabba been? What has he been doing all this time? Why was he so confident that he could take Vegeta this time? There’s a lot of answers that need to be addressed in this Tournament of Power regarding Cabba.

Tien is another character that deserves some screen time. If you think of where Tien started and where he is today Tien has made the most progress out of anyone! From starting from a Villain hailing from the Master Crane school and student to Master Roshi’s rival to becoming a Master of his own Dojo and working towards bettering nearby towns. It’s extraordinary that this is the same Tien! Tien has always been an overlooked character in the world of Dragon Ball and never given enough credit for what he is capable of doing. We need to see him doing something other then babysitting Roshi.

We need to see more of Toppo! I know a lot of people will be asking why, and I’ll tell you! We only saw a little of what Toppo was capable of when Goku fought him at the end of the Zen Exhibition Match. If Jiren is supposed to be stronger then Toppo then we need to see the extent of his strength! How can anyone size up Jiren if we don’t know what Toppo’s actual strength is. What a better way to see Toppo’s strength would be a battle of justice between Toppo and Gohan seeing how Gohan is also the Great Saiyaman who stood for justice! Let’s see what both are capable in an all out brawl between Gohan and Toppo and see the extent of not just Toppo’s strength but also Gohan’s as well!


Hit is another character that needs to have some development. I’m sure most of you will think Hit got his character development back in the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 Tournament and the 2 part episode when Goku put out an assassination on himself for Hit to come to Universe 7 and kill him, and I disagree. Those episodes both from the Tournament mentioned and the 2 parter were more for Goku and his development especially for Goku to master Super Saiyan Blue. All we found out from those episodes about Hit is that he’s an assassin, he has lived a long time and can improve his Time Skip ability if he sees fit. That’s all we really know about him. What drove him to become an assassin? Is there more of his race somewhere? There is definitely room for the writers to give him more development in the future!

It has been leaked that there are 2 Namekians on the Universe 6 team in the Tournament of Power and they desperately need screen time and development! More importantly that screen time and development needs to include Piccolo. We need to see what, if any differences there are between our Namekians of Universe 7 and the Namekians of Universe 6. We need to know what Namekians are like in their Universe, if they are like our Namekians or possibly the complete opposite. Are they the innocent, peaceful Namekians (excluding Lord Slug, and Demon King Piccolo) or are they evil, scavenger type Namekians? There are a lot of questions surrounding these Namekians from Universe 6 and they need a lot of screen time and development in order to answer them all!


Lastly I have to touch on Android 17. I know he’s had screen time, and we know more about him from episodes leading up to the Tournament of Power but I feel there is a lot more to him then they lead us to believe! Android 17 has always been a mysterious, and interesting character and its time they break that mystery and show us more of him. When you factor how strong 17 is, being able to stay on par with Super Saiyan Blue Goku, the experience he’s had since Dragon Ball Z and that he has unlimited energy, he has the ability to be a top contestant in this Tournament. The writers need to exploit that fact and show 17 and 18 rekindle that tag team magic that made them such a threat in the first place!


What do you guys think? Are there any characters that you want to see get more development and screen time? How do you think they will address these issues above if they do? Leave your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments. As always, thanks for reading!


How strong are the Zeno’s Bodyguards

There has been a lot of speculation about the Zeno’s Bodyguards. More importantly how strong are they and what they are capable of and in this Article I am going to shed some light on this.

Art credit-

Now when it comes to the Bodyguards there hasn’t been a lot shown on screen or in the Manga of them. So for this I had to dig deeper and look for clues and hints as to where they would stack when it comes to power.

I believe these Bodyguards are incredibly strong! In order to protect someone like the King of All that are basically children. So for someone so important like the King of All he would need a very strong and sturdy defense. Which is where the Bodyguards come in. When you look at any time someone approached the Zeno’s or even spoke to him wrong the Zeno’s Bodyguards reacted. Look at that time Goku approached Zeno and they were in front of Goku before anyone realized it. It is very obvious they are willing to lay their lives on the line for the King of All.

Is it possible that the Great Priest created these Bodyguards for Zeno? Just like he created the Angels to be attendants for the God’s of Destruction. It’s been confirmed in the show that the Angel’s are far stronger then the God’s of Destruction, so how exactly strong could these Bodyguards be that are supposed to protect the King of All? Where would they be on the totem poll of power?

I believe they are……

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