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King of The Beasts Kaido’s Real Identity

Who is Kaido

Hi and welcome back to another one piece theory, today we will be discussing Who is Kaido and how he is not a human..


First off, I would like to tell the different inter species that we have seen so far regarding species that can live in the sea or have relations to the fishman. We, first have the fishman alongside merfolk. After that we have 3 subcategories that are Wotans (Half fishman and half giant), half human and half fishman and the last inter species is half merfolk and half fishman.


The difference in the species are as follows: when fishmen and merfolk have children, they will either be fishmen or merfolk. Wotans are a hybrid species that have fishmen biological abilities with a huge body buy as noted by Robin they are normally smaller than an actual giant just like Big Pan from the Foxy Pirates and Sebastian the member of the World Pirates.


Now comes the interesting part, the half human, half giant hybrids. We already seen two characters in One Piece being of this kind one from the Donquixote Pirates, Dellinger the half human and half fighting fish fishman and the other one from way back to Loguetown when Sanji bought a rare species of Blue Finned Elephant Tuna from Sapi.


To those people who haven’t noticed yet, Jack the Drought is also a fishman, after he tried to kill Zunisha and bring down the island of Zou, Zunisha asked for permission to act. Zunisha started swinging its trunk and destroyed Jack’s ship and sinking him to the bottom of the sea.


As Zunisha dealt him the final blow his metallic jaw mask broke and you can clearly see his teeth aren’t human like but more like Arlong’s making him a fishman too. To further prove this point, he ended up on the bottom of the sea without being able to swim because of his devil fruit power but as he is a fishman he can at least breath under water and must wait for assistance.


Now it time for spoilers and a question in the end. The World Government changed the name of Gol D. Roger to Gold Roger, the same happen to Kai D Ō. The WG changed his name to Kaido. Kai in Japanese has many meanings but one of them is ocean, also in Japanese Ō can be written that way or Romanised as ou as it is a prolonged o and it means king.


With the D in the middle he is a Sea king with the will of D, making him the strongest creature and the King of the Beasts. His epithet is granted to him as he is the hybrid of the 2 most powerful species and filled with brute force the giants on land and fishman under water. Which brings me to the question: I would love it more if he was a hybrid between a sea king and a fishman to make him have a better biological background. Do you think that it would be possible to have a half sea king and half fishmen? Hope you enjoyed it, leave your comments below and see you on the next one.

Which Straw Hat Crew Member Will Die? – Explained

Welcome back to another article of mine, today we will be discussing which member of the Straw Hats will die. Couple of years back Eiichiro Oda on an interview said that a member of the Straw Hats is going to die.

Going Merrys Funeral

Many fans thought that the crew member that died is the Going Merry but I do not believe that Oda was referring to Going Merry as the straw hat that will die. Many writers before deciding to kill a character either for the plot or because the character isn’t doing as well as they hoped, the writer needs to test the water and see how the fans will react before doing such thing or else many problems will occur later during the season such as losing fans, increase plot holes or just killing the vibe of the story.


For example, I quit One Piece for about 3 months not wanting to hear anything about it when Ace was killed but after I resumed and continued the story, I was astonished as the One Piece story was just at the beginning and that prior to Portgas D. Ace was just the introduction to the real One Piece.

Now all the protagonists have a wonderful story on how they join Luffy and his adventure, no one has the same goal but they work with each other to make their own dreams come true.


Zoro was the first to join Luffy, he wanted to become the world’s greatest swordsman. He was a Pirate Hunter prior joining Luffy. Zoro became the right-hand man of the crew and is one of the most important crew members for the Straw Hats as he deals with the toughest opponents.


Our second crewmate is Cat Burglar Nami, the navigator. Where would the SHs be if it isn’t for Nami? She has the dream to make a sea chart of the World and that was the reason to join them. Let’s face facts, if Nami wasn’t part of the crew they might have never made it to this point. With her intelligence, sharp thinking and navigation skills, she is an undeniably a crucial member.


Usopp is the third to join the SHs. He is the sniper of the crew, creating tools for nami to useand takes care of the cannons for when the need arises although most of the time the SHs usually run out of battle with coup de burst or just deflect oncoming cannons to avoid damage to the Thousand Sunny. His dream is to be a brave warrior of the sea.


Fourth to join the crew was Vinsmoke Blackleg Sanji. He is the cook of the crew, without him the kitchen is either on fire or everyone is on the brink of starvation. Sanji’s dream is to travel to the All Blue, where the four seas meet and all the best fish are found. He is also the fifth member to leave the SHs, before him Usopp, Nami and Robin left willingly.

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