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Beerus Fights All Gods Of Destruction At Once In The Newest Dragon Ball Super Manga


What is going on Dragon Ball fans! Im back with some brand-new groundbreaking news regarding Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 28. As we have brand new depictions showcased for the Tournament of Power, as we do get to see firsthand an alternate scenario play during the Zeno exhibition match in comparison to the overall anime. Now we have a showcase of the Gods as each individual God of Destruction is showcased in battle in this upcoming manga chapter.

As we begin with the first leaked image having to showcase Universe 11 Vermouth is having his own universe having to be surrounded by these other gesture like characters females as he’s essentially relaxing in the background. We get to see how his overall universe seems a bit carny, like we have fruits and vegetables on his table, we also see Universe 11’s Margarita Angel in the background watching Vermouth pretty much lay back and eat some fruit again not having to be portrayed in the anime. We’ve never seen Vermouth’s universe before, so now we get to see an inside little sneak peak as to how essentially his universe looks like. Remember we’ve never seen how his universe essentially looks like in the anime. As we have another scan showcasing every single God of Destruction, every Kaio-shin, and every single angel out in the distance bowing down to the Grand Priest and to the Omni Kings and we get to see how Goku down in the middle is kind of wondering what’s going on.

Here again we haven’t really seen this portrayed in the anime, but this was very similar to the trailer we got in January/ February of early on this year of them showcasing bits and pieces of the manga in the overall trailer. As we move on into that I consider to be a major event happening in the manga, never seen in the anime before and that is the War of the Gods, the Battle of the Gods. We get to see one skin in particular where every single God of Destruction rushes towards Beerus’s direction, we see Quitela, we see Liqueur, we see Vermouth, we see every single individual God of Destruction is targeting Beerus and Beerus only.

That’s essentially because we found out earlier on that’s because of Universe 7 that they believe Beerus is the one responsible for this, for bringing about Goku and creating this overall tournament setting and putting everyone’s life at risk. Now we get to see a battle between the Gods as we have our very first shot be portrayed here of what essentially looks like Beerus jumping out of the way in taking down Mosco first. If you guys pay attention closely it looks like you have Quitela and Champa who managed to knock down Mosco accidently as Beerus rushes up in the sky. We get to see each individual Gods even the ones that are not competing such as Gin and Liquer and Arak also be involved in this, which I think is such a crucial thing. The first person to go down essentially enough is Mosco due to a mistake having to be attacked by both Quitela and Champa.

As we move on to see Jin remove everyone pretty much gone after Beerus and Beerus looks like he’s actually evading all of these characters as it looks like based on visuals alone that every single God of Destruction is specifically targeting Beerus. We also get to see Vermouth kick Sidra in the face which again I think is very essential to the overall story because Sidra is gonna be the first God having to be destroyed in the tournament setting, the Universe 9 having to be the first to go. But we also get to see how the Gods are showing no mercy among each other later on as well as this manga chapter is pretty much going to be covering the Zen exhibition in a totally different fashion. Instead if having other fighters compete, it looks like the Gods of Destruction are gonna be the ones competing here.

Even when it’s all said and done we get to see another scan of Sidra, Arak, Champa, everyone’s pretty much going after Beerus, as Beerus pretty much pushes Mosco aside in unleashing this massive energy like attack in which we get to see Sidra’s, Arak’s, and Jin’s face as they look to be very concerned as to what Beerus is doing. If you had to ask me having one God of Destruction fight off against the other 11 is very, very impressive in the sheer fact alone that Beerus is not only managing to escape and evade these characters but also fight at the exact same time, so what does that tell you about Beerus?

As nevertheless we see Beerus launched attack directly towards four different Gods of Destructions that being Vermouth, Arak, Jin, and Sidra as the blast manages to engulf all four Gods of Destruction, but not until seeing a barrier being portrayed and put up by Sidra and protecting all other Gods behind them that includes Champa, Vermouth, Arak, and Jin. And Goku and even the Gran Priest looked to be very surprises on this and having to further discuss the events of what’s being portrayed right now, which again is groundbreaking. Well guys let me know what you think, honestly this is getting really interesting well till the next one see ya!:)

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