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Top Three Goku’s Transformations That Are Never Seen Again

Top Three Goku’s Transformations That Are Never Seen Again

Goku has a lot of transformations in his closet. He is the character with the most transformation and power-ups. And in all honesty, his forms, which spans from his very first Ape transformation until his Super Saiyan Blue, are the fan favorites. After all these years, Goku’s first ever Super Saiyan transformation is one of the most recognized moments in the whole Dragon Ball Series. But there are some of his forms that are only used once, never to be seen again. Here are the top three transformations that Goku only used once.

1. Ascended Super Saiyan

Goku achieved this form during the Cell Games when he and Gohan were training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. This form’s other name is the Super Saiyan second grade. Goku did not use this form in an official battle, but he transformed into this form while demonstrating it to Gohan. Ascended Super Saiyan is twice as powerful as a generic Super Saiyan. But its drawback is the growth of unnecessary body mass which sacrifices the speed for power.

The most commonly referenced usage of this form is by Future Trunks. Trunks used this form against Cell in the Cell Games. But he was unable to land a blow against his enemy because of his lack of speed. This is the reason why Goku and Vegeta do not consider using this form.

2. Pseudo Super Saiyan

There’s a chance that this form was not seen by some viewers. This form was introduced in the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug” and it appeared even before the official debut of the Super Saiyan transformation. It seems like Toei heard a rumor that there will be a Super Saiyan transformation, so they dropped the gun even though they don’t still know the appearance. The result is confusion as to which is the real Super Saiyan form.

To avoid confusion, the Pseudo Super Saiyan form was never seen again. It first and the last appearance was during Goku’s battle with the Namekian Lord Slug.

3. Saiyan Ape form


The great ape Super Saiyan form was seen even before Dragon Ball Z. It was a form officially meant for Goku but it was made accessible by Saiyans with tails later on. Goku’s tail was permanently removed by Kami to stop him from transforming again.


Special Mention: Veku


Goku shared this form with Vegeta using their fusion via Fusion Dance. Veku is a small and fat version of Gogeta. He is a product of Goku and Vegeta’s wrong Fusion Dance and is weaker than Vegeta or Goku alone. Though he was never seen again, it was really fun when he appeared.

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