Real Power Of The New Admiral Greenbull in One Piece – Theory

Real Power Of The New Admiral Greenbull in One Piece – Theory

In today’s post, I will be continuing where I left off with my last post Monkey D. Dragon was an admiral? It would be best to check it out as it has important factual history that I will be adding more info on this Real Power of the New Admiral Ryokugyu.


Ryokugyu is written in kanji as 緑牛, these two kanji are midori ushi meaning green bull. It seems odd to everyone who does not know any Japanese or Chinese readings and vocabulary. To make is short most kanji have 2 readings and some more than 20 readings. Like this kanji 生 means life but also means genuine and birth.

To continue our theory about Admiral Ryokugyu mentioned only once by Doflamingo, we managed to understand that his name is Green Bull. Like all admirals having colours in their name and all of them are Devil Fruit eaters, Ryokugyu is the Green Bull.

Ryokugyu is the Green Bull

Borsalino Kizaru is the Yellow Monkey, Sakazuki Akainu the former Admiral, now Fleet Admiral is the Red Dog, Kuzan Aokiji (fromer Admiral) is the blue bird or blue pheasant, now we have Ryokugyu the green bull.

The colours represent their ability and devil fruits like yellow is Kizaru’s logia fruit that allow him to create, control and transforms into light. Sakazuki’s red is his logia fruit of magma (red), Kuzan blue signifies water or in this case ice. They are all elements to nature light, fire, ice. The remaining is green which signifies nature or wind. So, by this reasoning the devil fruit for Ryokugyu should be nature based or controlling the winds, he could also have the devil fruit of wood that allow him to manipulate and control wood at his liking, it will be devastating if Ryokugyu can use wood with Haki. Imagine vines or roots, with a sharp point, all coming out of the floor embedded with Haki.


Imagine an admiral who can create beautiful wilderness and having the ability to destroy his opponents with his own creation and after the mess he can re-create the nature to keep balance.

This Admiral is such a wonderful topic that we can all discuss and have an exciting time coming up with what he is capable of. One last thing, there is a famous folklore tale in Japan about a peach boy and his friends.

It all began when a boy came down the sky in a big peach, an old woman found it next to the river. She and her husband were hungry, tried to cut open the peach only to find a little boy claiming he came from the heavens to be their child.

His new parents gave him the name Momotarō meaning “peach boy”, as the boy grew up he left his parents to fight a band of Oni (demons or ogres). In his route to a distant island he met a dog, a pheasant and a monkey who agreed to help him defeat the Oni. They managed to defeat them, take all their treasure and took captive of the demon chief.

Would Oda use this tale in some form to show us the defeat of the Marines by having the dog as Monkey D. Garp, Aokiji the blue pheasant and Kizaru as the yellow monkey lead by Fujitora and Ryokugyu with Coby by the side to stop the Marines from their destructive ways and restore the Marines name?


Hope you enjoyed this theory about the real power of Ryokugyu. Tell us your thoughts and speak out your theory. See you on the next one.


Who Will Eat Bartholomew Kuma’s Devil Fruit – Explained

This theory is all about how Franky might be destined to eat Bartholomew Kuma’s Devil Fruit. There have been many clues on the show to which it leads people thinking all this theory. So, with any further delay let’s dive into it.

To start understanding all this we need to go back when Kuma sent all the Strawhats flying into the air. Kuma knew exactly where each and every individual Strawhat will end up and he chose to send Franky on the island of Karakuri. Bartholomew Kuma had connections with the Revolutionary Army and had strong ties with Monkey D. Dragon. Kuma must have known Franky is a cyborg and will need help to get upgraded so he threw him on Vegapunk’s homeland to figure out a way to increase his power.

logia plus missile

Franky, whilst in Karakuri town found Vegapunk’s old lab filled with blueprints and experiments. He got chased by wild cyborg animals and he also found a blueprint showing a missile plus a devil fruit equal to a gorilla with missiles embedded to his back. After seeing this, he decided to live in the lab and learn more about what he just saw. He was impressed by Vegapunk’s experiments quoted “This is great! Everything from battleships to human cells… How did he come up with these kinds of things.”

bartolomew kuma poster

Franky must have learned a lot from Vegapunk as he came up after the 2-year skip with loads of improved techniques and new one too. He modified his body so much that his body is more robot than human. He must have learnt how to use Wapometal instead of the devil fruits. Like for instance, the pacifistas use Kizaru’s laser from their hands whilst Franky has Radical Beam.

Radical Beam

Even though he has changed a lot in those 2 years, he still is well underestimated. His upgrades seem redundant looking at what his other crew mates have gone through. So how can he improve and be reliable to handle any situation at hand? Well, Franky, Kuma and Vegapunk are tied by a bond of Robotics. Vegapunk is trying to build the best cyborg, whilst Kuma and Franky wanted to be the best cyborg. Franky is the only one who have met Kuma after the time skip and the only one who have visited the old lab of Vegapunk. I think they might cross paths again in the future.

Let us head in to the evidence we gathered so far. There was a fan who asked Oda on SBS about a theory of his that he noticed on the show and it goes like this: If you are using the Japanese vocabulary each of the Strawhats Devil Fruit can be represented by 2 numbers from 1-10 except 2,9.


The one that is missing is 2,9. Well who’s devil fruit is represented by 2,9? The answer is Nikyu Nikyu no Mi devil fruit which belongs to Kuma. Bartholomew will certainly not join the Straw hats but Franky might be the one to inherit the Paw Paw df. Ohh and btw Oda did not deny the theory nor said it was correct his exact words were “Man, I’m surprised! To what I’m surprised? NO COMMENT! NEXT!”

Was this a hint showing that Kuma’s devil fruit will be passed on to Franky?

franky kuma hands

If Franky was destined for the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi df, in the Corrida Colosseum when Luffy wanted Franky to have his brother’s df, he would refuse to which he did. After the timeskip Franky was the one who told the crew how Kuma defended their ship at their absence but he might not have told them everything.

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