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One Piece: What is Devil Fruit’s Awakening


Today we will be discussing the awakening in One Piece. This is a topic which is not fully understood and not explained a lot in the series, let’s start off with what does awakening mean?

In our daily life, you might have heard of awakening in yoga. Awakening is not becoming more powerful, unbeatable or anything like that but it means a sudden realization which will change your present and your future to come.

In One Piece it would be absurd if awakening would mean just a change of state and mind, it needs more than that, it will need power, strength, better abilities and so on.

What is Devil Fruit's Awakening

The Devil Fruit Awakening is one mysterious thing but what we know for sure is that it exists and already happened multiple times.

There are couple of Awakenings in One Piece, we heard about Donquixote Doflamingo and the Jailer Beasts. There are 3 types Zoan, Paramecia and Logia Devil Fruits. DD is a paramecia-type and his awakened ability is that he can affect his surrounding area and turn it to string without losing a lot of energy. The best part the awakening attacks are controlled by his mind and do not need his hands to control the strings.

If Monkey D. Luffy awakens his abilities most probably would be that he can contain his Gear 4 without the need of haki, can stay much longer in this form, Gear 2 will not reduce his life and Gear 3 will not make him shrink and lose elasticity. I do not see him in any way affecting the surrounding area and turning it in rubber as awakening is a mean to perfect the skill of the devil fruit you have eaten and making the best use of it.


The Jailer Beasts are Zoan-types, they all awakened their ability. Being a Zoan-type some other type of awakening might happen. We have seen them waking up after receiving heavy blows, have increased strength and toughness. Crocodile mentioned as well that they can revive as they are awakened.


We haven’t yet any confirmation of any Logia-types has awakened their power but we can speculate that we might have already seen it on Punk Hazard when Aokiji and Kizaru had their battle. Probably Logia devil fruit might affect their surrounding area for a prolonged period without the need to be their anymore. 2 other people that could also have awakened their abilities are God Enel and Portgas D. Ace. God Enel affected Skypiea’s weather and Ace when stepping foot on Drum Island, 2 villagers told Dalton that he had a message for Luffy and they said “strangely it was a day without snow fall.


To finish off, awakening is not just a power than once you have it you are indestructible but awakening is just the beginning, the more you work on your awakening the stronger and better the awakening becomes.

That’s it from me, see you on the next post.

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