What Episode Tournament Of Power Will Possibly End – Explained

What Episode Tournament Of Power Will Possibly End – Explained

When the Tournament of Power Arc was announced and we finally found out what was happening in the Tournament of Power such as 10 Warriors from 8 Universes participating, everyone was left with the same question: How long will the Tournament and the Survival Arc be?

In this Article I’m going to talk about some idea’s/theories as to when this Tournament and Arc may end. So let’s talk about it, and see if Toriyama and the writers have been dropping some hints as to when this all may end.

Idea/Theory number 1: Roshi’s Talisman Battle!

One of the leading theories as to when this Arc may end is the numbers that the Universe 4 Warrior Dercori, and the number’s of attacks and Talisman’s she uses. She has 76 attacks, and 129 Illusions. What’s significant about those numbers is if you look at the Goku Black Arc, it “officially” ended on episode 76. So if there is any significant/fact to this, that could mean this Arc could “officially” end on episode 129. Which really isn’t that hard to believe. We all know, it has been said that this Survival Arc will be the biggest thing the writers have done so far, which potentially means a pretty long Arc.

As were only going in to episode 106, will all the remaining 23 episodes be entirely focused on the Tournament of Power? I personally don’t think so. Expect a couple of filler episodes especially if/when Android 17 is eliminated or someone else thinks about Goten, Trunks, and Marron back on the Island. Also how everyone else like Bulma and her new baby Bulla, Chi-Chi and the others are doing.

Idea/Theory number 2: Tournament ends shortly after Goku and Jiren’s Battle!

Another idea/theory as to when this Tournament could end could be a couple episodes after the long awaited Battle between Goku and Jiren. Let’s face it, with Goku’s new Form/Power up, and Jiren potentially being this mortal who is “stronger then a God of Destruction they are far above other participants in the Tournament of Power unless someone like Gohan or even Hit “pulls something out of left field” like a Power Up or Transformation.

This is the fight everyone is waiting for! Even tho most of us can get impatient or even annoyed at the “Goku Show” we all deep down want to see this fight. Not just to see Goku get dominated and attain this new power, but to see what Jiren is capable of, and if he lives up to the hype! With this battle starting in a 1 Hour Special in October, what else can they do after giving us the highly anticipated fight?

Idea/Theory number 3: The Tournament of Power is Interrupted!


This final idea/theory is pretty simple. The Tournament is forced to end prematurely due to an outside conflict. I’m sure I’ll hear the “The Great Priest or the Zeno’s can just erase whatever or whoever wants to interrupt the Tournament”. Granted, yes that’s possible, but what if a plan was made behind the scenes in another Universe that we have not been made aware of? We were showed a little of the other Universe’s preparation for the Tournament of Power but not all.


Some were even shown to have schemes as well such as holding up Frieza and Goku so they cannot make it to the Tournament on time, or even have Frieza join another Universe. For how old some of these God’s of Destruction are, and the threat of complete erasure could compel anyone to exploit someone’s weakness in order to survive. There is a number of things that could be done to interrupt the Tournament of Power. Not completely impossible to believe.


So that’s my take on when the Tournament of Power, or the Arc itself will end. What are your thoughts? When do you think the Tournament of Power or the Survival Arc will end? Do you think there could be a potential interruption? If so, by who or what? Leave your thoughts, ideas, and onions, and lets continue the conversation in the comments down below! As always thanks for reading!

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Universe 7’s Biggest Possible Disadvantage In Dragon Ball Super

A couple of episodes leading up to the Tournament of Power when Goku was going to recruit Frieza and pick him up from Baba, a couple of things happened that brought up a lot of questions.

Has Universe 7 been a man short in the Tournament of Power this WHOLE time?! There’s of couple of idea’s/theories that could lead to yes, Universe 7 has been a man short this whole time! So lets go over these idea’s/theories and talk about if Universe 7 is in fact fighting a man down.

Theory/Idea number 1: Frieza was recruited by Universe 9


This theory even tho Universe 9 has been already eliminated and erased could hold true, and I’ll tell you why. Word could of gotten around that Universe 9 was looking to recruit someone as powerful as Frieza and decided to make an offer. Frieza being the traitor he is, could of agreed to multiple Universe’s in order to have the best odds to obtain the Super Dragon Balls in order to be resurrected, and possibly be made invincible (which I’m sure is still a goal of Frieza’s).


With agreeing to multiple Universe’s Frieza’s chance of getting resurrected sky rockets, and if there’s any character we know of, that would try and pull this off it would be Frieza!

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