Universe 7’s Biggest Possible Disadvantage In Dragon Ball Super

Universe 7’s Biggest Possible Disadvantage In Dragon Ball Super

A couple of episodes leading up to the Tournament of Power when Goku was going to recruit Frieza and pick him up from Baba, a couple of things happened that brought up a lot of questions.

Has Universe 7 been a man short in the Tournament of Power this WHOLE time?! There’s of couple of idea’s/theories that could lead to yes, Universe 7 has been a man short this whole time! So lets go over these idea’s/theories and talk about if Universe 7 is in fact fighting a man down.

Theory/Idea number 1: Frieza was recruited by Universe 9


This theory even tho Universe 9 has been already eliminated and erased could hold true, and I’ll tell you why. Word could of gotten around that Universe 9 was looking to recruit someone as powerful as Frieza and decided to make an offer. Frieza being the traitor he is, could of agreed to multiple Universe’s in order to have the best odds to obtain the Super Dragon Balls in order to be resurrected, and possibly be made invincible (which I’m sure is still a goal of Frieza’s).


With agreeing to multiple Universe’s Frieza’s chance of getting resurrected sky rockets, and if there’s any character we know of, that would try and pull this off it would be Frieza!

Theory/Idea number 2: Frieza is recruited by Universe 4

We were shown a moment when Quitela the God of Destruction of Universe 4 talking about Frieza. How could a God of Destruction know about someone in another Universe such as Universe 7’s Frieza? Quitela could of been told about him from his Angel Attendant knowing that Universe’s are trying to recruit him, or could of had another connection to Frieza. Quitela was shown wanting to recuit him as well, so is it possible that Frieza secretly agreed in order to keep Universe 7 at a disadvantage?


No matter what the case is, and what Frieza may or may not of done behind the scenes, we all know him as a very manipulative, conniving character within the Dragon Ball Series. It would be huge if Frieza did in fact make a deal with another Universe and entered the Tournament of Power with Universe 7 in order for them to be 1 man down.


Even tho Beerus threatened Frieza back on Earth, Frieza would know Beerus would not be able to erase him with whatever Universe’s God of Destruction he potentially made a deal with. As mentioned, this would make Frieza’s chances of getting his hands on those Super Dragon Balls sky high!

So this is my thought on a potential plot/story they could go with in order to make things more interesting. You know Toriyama and the writers always like making things as hard as they can for our Z-Fighters! What are your thoughts? Do you think Frieza made a deal despite Beerus’s warning? If so, with what Universe(s)? Let’s continue the conversation by leaving your thoughts and idea’s in the comments down below! As always, thanks for reading!

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Frieza Might Betray One More Person Beside Anyone From Universe 7

There is something about the Ice-Jins in the Tournament of Power that worries fans. Frieza and Frost, being similar to each other, decided to team up with each other for an unknown goal. You see, Frieza’s race from Universe 7 has the same outlook as Frost’s race in Universe 6: they wanted power. They wanted to rule worlds in any single way possible. And as frightening as it could be, they have the same potential to grow powerful in a small amount of time.


But like any other things in this world, their similarities might backfire against them. I can’t find a way how Frost and Frieza are working with each other benefits them both. If Frieza helps Frost beat Universe 7 guys, he will risk his existence. The same reason goes for Frost. What schemes are they possibly cooking right now?

There are possible reasons, especially for Frieza, to betray Universe 7. One possible reason would be Universe 6, especially Champa, might consider “adopting” Frieza into his Universe. There is no specific rule that warriors cannot change their alliances during the Tournament of Power. Champa would surely consider whatever Frieza might offer because Frieza is a powerful warrior. He can even fight on par with the likes of Goku.

There’s also a possibility that Frost and Frieza were actually scheming against each other. This is a very unlikely thing, but sensible, given both Frost and Frieza’s nature. They can betray each other since there’s actually no benefit in of helping each other…

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