Goku vs Jiren Episode Date and Goku’s New Transformation SPOILERS


Everyone is talking about 2 major things in Dragon Ball Super and the Tournament of Power. That’s Goku vs Jiren and Goku’s new Transformation.

In this Article I will give you some information on both Goku vs Jiren’s match starting and when you can expect to see Goku’s new Transformation. So let’s talk about it!


Ever since the new intro to the new Arc of Dragon Ball Super dropped everyone has been wondering how strong Jiren is, and when is Goku finally going to fight Jiren? As we all know Jiren is Goku’s top opponent in the Tournament of Power right now. No one has been held to such a high regard like Jiren. So is Jiren this strong that it actually pushes Goku to a whole new level of power?

It has been said that Goku will debut his new form and the start of his epic battle against Jiren on October 8th as a part of a 1 hour special. This is the first time Dragon Ball has done a 1 hour special. So what can we expect in this 1 hour full of Dragon Ball Super? Expect to see the start of Goku vs Jiren and a preview of what Jiren is really capable of.

Jiren’s power will be higher then anyone expected, and will completely own the battle between himself and Goku! This may be hard to believe to some but until Goku is pushed to release this new transformation Goku doesn’t stand a chance. This is how strong Jiren will be. It wont be any tricks like anyone else in the Tournament of Power it will be straight up technique and strength matched with agility. It will truly be overwhelming for Goku or anyone currently in the Tournament of Power. Will Hit try and return the favor for Goku helping Hit with Dyspo? Or will anyone else try and help Goku seeing him struggle like that?

This 1 hour special is setting up to be one of the biggest episodes Dragon Ball has ever done! No one was expecting to see Goku vs Jiren this soon! Does that mean one of them will be eliminated from the Tournament so soon? Or will the fight be interrupted by something? At first glance it seems like this was the fight to watch and that would of been at the end of the Tournament seeing the fact that Goku and Jiren are the strongest in the Tournament of Power. Or is there someone stronger that Goku needs to fight later on?

No matter what happens this is shaping up to be an epic clash with Goku getting a new Transformation, and finally facing Jiren head on! What do you thinking will happen between Goku and Jiren? What do you think will finally make Goku snap? Or has Goku known about this Transformation all along? Leave us your thoughts, ideas and opinions down below in the comments. As always thanks for reading!

The Truth – Who Is The Real Omni King?

Goku besties with Zeno
Goku besties with Zeno

Is the Omni King really in charge or are the Grand Priest and the Angels really calling the shots? There are many clues that direct us to the ladder.

Gowasu explaining their roles to Zamasu
Gowasu explaining their roles to Zamasu

The first clue lies in what we learned about the Omni King when we first met him way back in episode 55. According to Beerus, the Omni King is the most powerful being in the Universe. Whis also adds that the Omni King has destroyed 6 Universes on a whim. But power isn’t everything. Note, that it is never mentioned that Zeno had anything to do with the creation of anything in the Universe.

Zeno doesn’t even follow the rules of creators. Which are stated In episode 18 of Dragon Ball Super, when Whis explained the connection between Gods of Destruction and Kaoshins. Whis explains that it is the God of Destruction’s job to destroy, and the Kaoshin’s job to create. In episode 53 Gowasu expanded upon this role, by explaining to Zamasu that “It is a Kaoshin’s role to create, and not to interfere with the mortals.”

Not Omnipitent Zeno
Not Omnipitent Zeno

Bored from so much destruction.
Bored from so much destruction.

The second clue lies in episode 67. Goku presses the button which summons Zeno. When Zeno arrives, he had no idea who Goku was. So not only is Zeno not all knowing, he is forgetful. He didn’t only forget about Goku, but also the button he gave him that would teleport him to the location of it when pressed. This alone would seem like something Zeno would have made a conscious effort to take heed of. Another theory out there is the Omni King is bound by time, but that would also support the idea that he isn’t all knowing. This would also explain the rule against time travel.

A third clue, doesn’t really tell us anything more, rather enforces things we already know about Zeno. In episode 77, the two Zenos are bored and are literally wiping out planets. Further proof that Zeno destroys, and likely does not create.

Scared Beerus
Scared Beerus

From these first three clues about Zeno, we can make two very clear conclusions about Zeno. The first conclusion we make is Zeno destroys a lot and has never been described as a creator. The second conclusion is that he is not all knowing, and even kind of stupid.

Is it possible that someone else is actually pulling all the strings. If so, could it be possible that it is the Grand Priest? Or if there are other God’s that we don’t know about, could they be the actual ones calling the shots? Like some Interuniversal shadow Government?

Angels not bowing
Angels not bowing

It’s hard to tell right now who is actually in charge, but we can sure tell that the Grand Priest has an abnormally high amount of influence for someone whose known as the Omni King’s servant.

Tournament rules
Tournament rules

For one it’s important to note how people treat Zeno. Everybody bows to Zeno except the Angels. In fact, the Kaoshins and the Gods of Destruction all panic when Goku is casual with Zeno, yet still not the Angels. Why is that? Is that because the Angels know that even if their Universes would be wiped that they would still be okay? Or do they know something that every body else doesn’t?

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