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DBS Episode 106 May Have Just Revealed Who Is Going To Get Eliminated


The next episode of DBS will feature Universe 2’s superb sniper. The sniper seems to use a non-traceable bullet. The Sniper will be a great problem for the contestants from U7 and other universes. This episode will also feature Tien Shinhan and Vegeta. The episode is an important one because it might disprove or prove the elimination theory.

Universe 2’s sniper will be targeting Universe 7. They will specifically target Gohan and Piccolo. The master and the student can’t counterattack because of a disadvantage. The bullets leave no trail to serve as a beacon for the Sniper’s location. The bullets seem to be from anywhere the tournament stage. With this problem, participants need to take cover to avoid being caught in the invisible bullets.

This is when Tien Shinhan’s skills are needed. He might not have the brute force and potential like the Saiyans, but his sense of the enemies are superb. Tien can sense the presence that cannot be sensed by Goku and company the first time they tried. Tien’s involvement in this episode is also important in a different way. When he will be eliminated in this episode, it means that Vegeta is next.

There is a theory right now that the order of elimination for the Tournament of Power is related to the ending music video. The order of the characters’ appearance is not a coincidence but is a clue on who will be the next Universe 7 fighter to fall. After Krillin, Tien Shinhan and Vegeta will be next. Android 18 and Android 17 will also fall on the stage. The next to fall is Piccolo, and then Master Roshi. The person to fall would be Frieza, while Goku and Gohan will remain in the Tournament.

There are only 34 minutes left for the Tournament. There is only a handful of contestants for some Universes. It is not surprising that more Universe 7 fighters will be falling soon.

The Real Reason Why Erased Universe Are Probably Gonna Stay Erased

As we all know that the one thing the participants are trying to avoid is being eliminated and having their Universe Destroyed. The biggest theory circling the Dragon Ball Community when it comes to being erased is that someone will use the Super Dragon Balls to bring the previous Universes that were erased back.

In this Article today I’m going to give you all theories and ideas as to why these Universe’s that the Zeno’s have erased will stay erased! Yes this is Dragon Ball and we usually get the happiest outcome possible at the end of it but there are times when the outcome is dark and stays that way. As we all saw with Future Trunks and Mai’s Universe being erased by Future Zeno without a second thought.

Theory/Idea 1: If the Zeno’s are in fact the “King above All” then who is to say that there power and actions can be over turned by the Super Dragon Balls? Maybe what the Zeno’s do can not be undone by anyone or any power. So even if Goku tries to wish them all back after the Tournament, it wont work seeing how the “King above All” would mean they are the King’s even above the Super Dragon.


The next possible way they could stay erased is when someone tries to wish them back, the Great Priest intervenes and prevents it. Knowing that the Zeno’s would know and wishing something back that the Zeno’s destroyed by their own hands would be considered disrespect and outright blasphemous. Not wanting to anger the Zeno’s Goku and the other’s must figure out a new wish.


Final idea or Theory would be someone takes the Super Dragon Balls during the Tournament. It’s the lowest possible of the ideas but not entirely impossible. It could be any of the higher powered entities attending the Tournament of Power. Maybe the Great Priest knows what the Super Dragon Balls are capable of and removes them for his own self gain. It could of been a part of Frieza’a plan along with Universe 9 before they were erased and Universe 4’s Angel moved them. Like I said the least likely but not impossible.

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