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Is This How Goku Will Unlock His New Transformation? In Dragon Ball Super


As we all know, there has been images leaked about Goku’s new transformation. So with it coming in the Tournament of Power, what will happen for Goku to be pushed to a new transformation?

In this Article I am going to go through 3 highly plausible ways that Goku will attain this new transformation that has been dubbed “Limit Breaker Super Saiyan”.


Scenario number 1: During the Tournament of Power while everyone is fighting and its getting down to the final fighters, Frieza betrays Goku and Universe 7 by teaming up with Frost. Frieza and Frost deploy a sinister plan to try and defeat the Omni King’s and try and rule as the ones above all. They take out Gohan in the process, Goku is hit with rage due to Frieza’s betrayal and lack of keeping their deal and snaps. Being hit with grief that his son could be dead, and that his Universe is in trouble Goku as no other choice to let out all his rage and power and attain Limit Breaker Super Saiyan.

Scenario number 2: After taking out Toppo, Goku now faces Jiren. After not being able to land a hit on him, and Jiren controls the battle. Goku realizes that he set up his Universe for failure. He single handedly put his Universe in the destructive path of the Zeno’s. Hit with the truth Goku decides to lay it all on the line and power up to his max.

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Knowing he has nothing left after fighting Toppo previously Goku tries for it one more time, as Jiren counter attacks knocking Goku back. Jiren standing over Goku, Goku realizes he let his Universe down. After hearing the calls of all his friends and family back on earth, his fellow team mates who have been eliminated and feeling the earth Goku ascends to Limit Breaker Super Saiyan.

And finally Scenario number 3: At the closing minutes of the Tournament of Power, the plan of the Great Priest is finally revealed! The Great Priest along with his children attack the Zeno’s and declare his children and himself will no longer be slaves. After concealing the Zeno’s and ensuring they are unable to harm anyone the Great Priest orders his children to take out the Supreme Kai’s and therefore the God’s of Destruction.


Seeing all the chaos and mayhem being caused by the Great Priest and the Angel’s, Goku feels betrayed, and worried for what the Great Priest has in store. Knowing that Supreme Kai and Beerus are in trouble and so is his team, Goku feels a rage growing inside him that he has never felt before. Not knowing what will happen with this power, he taps in to it for the sake of his team, friends and possibly the Multiverse!

No matter how this new transformation of Limit Breaker Super Saiyan comes to be. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the circumstances are going to be serious, and Goku will feel backed in to a corner. As fans we all know what happens when Goku feels backed in to a corner or if he thinks his planet or Universe is in trouble.


This Is What Might Happen If Universe 7 Got Erased

From the perspective of the audience, it would certainly be terrible. All the characters we’ve come to love over the past 30+ years would be no more. At least, that’s what we expect would happen if the likes of Goku, Vegeta and 8 of our other fighters from Universe 7 were to ring out. But what if erasure meant something other than actually seizing to exist?


What if it meant following our heroes to a different dimension entirely? It could mean an entirely new direction to the Dragon Ball series. Which could include our heroes trying to make their way back to their loved ones. It could include our heroes battling new villains only found in what ever dimension they’ve found themselves in. Or it could even include our heroes trying to find a way out of what ever dimension they ended up in.

Those erased would include the likes of Beerus and everyone one else in Universe 7 including those already dead, like Pikkon. We could be introduced to battles across an entire Universe’s population, both dead and alive.

When we do enter this rabbit hole, we start to wonder if the other Universes could be also be in this dimensional limbo. Are they trying to escape their fates in some similar fashion? Aside from all these what ifs, there has to be something that follows this tournament. There are many theories surrounding the Grand Priest and the Angels plotting against the Omnikings and that being the driving plot device for what lies ahead. But a very possible situation is our heroes have the opportunity to rescue the Universes that have perished.

Clues for this may be in the current Dragon Ball Super outro. Our heroes are battle damaged, in what appears to be the rubble of the tournament’s battlefield. Rather than the void of space we see a blue sky with clouds. The likes of Krillin are among the fighters who appear to be facing off against a single opponent. A common assumption that is made is our heroes are facing the Grand Priest post tournament, but, maybe they have already been eliminated or maybe the tournament got cut short by some unforeseen circumstance.

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