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Everything Dragon Ball Super Has Done Wrong Till Now

Everything Dragon Ball Super Has Done Wrong Till Now

Before I start this I want everyone reading to know I’m a really big fan of Dragon Ball Super and that this comes from a fan perspective. We all make mistakes and the writers of Dragon Ball Super should be no different,

For this I have to start with the animation issues that happened in the first 2 or 3 Arcs of Dragon Ball Super. It’s no secret, we all know the animations department messed up. It’s just shocking to see that the same animators that brought up amazing animations like the Super Saiyan God transformation or Beerus’s God Blast or Hakai Destruction can bring us such sloppy animation. Even for characters they have done probably a million times over. Were they rushing to release the episodes? Were they over worked like back in the Buu Arc of Dragon Ball Z? Who knows, I’m just happy that they stepped up the art work in the Goku Black Arc and the Tournament of Power.

Next we have to talk about the re-used animations. Yes this saves time when doing a new episode and makes it easier for the Animators and Artists working on Episodes of Dragon Ball Super, but does the constant use of re-used shots and scenes feel lazy? Or just an easy way out? I knew we rarely had this issue in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, so why are they starting to re-use animations and scenes? Hopefully they don’t feel over worked like they did back in the Buu Arc cause we all know what that means.. Another break for almost 20 years..

This is a major issue in the world of Dragon Ball not just Dragon Ball Super but it feels even more so in Dragon Ball Super. That is the over looking of Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans!! Why has this man not been given his chance to shine? It seems the writers, every chance they get completely shaft Vegeta. He was given one small moment against Goku Black but that’s it! He gets totaled by Hit, looses to that copy of himself, and even gets dummied by Arale. Like really? Vegeta works twice as hard as anyone in Dragon Ball Super so why over look him? If one things for certain Vegeta needs his moment to shine!

Speaking of over looking Characters. What are they doing with Piccolo? I mean its great that Piccolo is the one to help Gohan get his fighting spirit back but what else has he done in Dragon Ball Super? Babysitting Pan? Meditating? Even when they had a chance for Piccolo to shine they had him loose to the cheepest fighter from Universe 6, Frost? I thought Piccolo was supposed to be near Genuis level and can hear and sense things from miles away? There may be a Gohan and Piccolo moment coming up in the Tournament of Power so maybe that’s when they will give Piccolo his moment.

Last and certainly not least, why have we not adventured out of our own Universe? There are 12 other Univereses that could potentially have strong and interesting characters, and yet we just stay in our Universe besides going to Universe 10 briefly. There needs to be exploration! We need to have our Saiyans go to Universe 6’s Planet Sadal and meet other Saiyans from Universe 6. We need to see our Z-Fighters interact with other God’s of Destruction. It gets really old and stale just sitting in our Universe waiting for the next Villain or for something to happen. If Goku and Vegeta truly want to be the strongest they need to go out looking for that proper challenge!


The Dark Truth About Universe 11 Pride Troopers’ Justice – Dragon Ball Super

Universe 11’s Pride Troopers are the best warriors of their universe. With Justice on their hands, they walk with confidence in the Tournament of Power arena. Parading “Justice” in their fights, they destroy evil with their coordination. But when they are facing a desperate moment, they will show their true colors. Is the Pride Troopers only a facade?

The thing about Pride Troopers is that they claim to fight for justice. But it is a recurring theme in the Tournament of Power that two members of the Pride Trooper will gang up to fight a warrior. An example is when Tupper and Zoiray formed a team that placed Goku in a hard position. Fortunately, Android 18 helped him get out.

Another example is the worst of all their dirty tricks. The picture below is when they ganged up against the injured Caulifla and imprisoned Kale. The tournament is a battle royale, tag teams expected. But depriving Caulifla and Kale to get help from their teammates is downright a dirty play. It creates a contrasting shade for their name.

The most striking characteristics of the Pride Trooper is their overconfidence. But unlike Goku, the Pride Tropers only think that their “Justice” is the right justice. They view every person that doesn’t share their perspectives as “evil.” And the only way to prevent evil is elimination. In a sense, it fits more if their God of Destruction is Yagami Light.

Gohan and Goku – Dragon Ball Super
Gohan and Goku – Dragon Ball Super

And as if evidence for their facade, Toppo said that they are done playing hero. Only Jiren and Toppo have full stamina. Things will get harder for Universe 11’s survival.

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