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Something Terrible Happens To Vegeta (confirmed)

DBS Episode 107 Vegeta Sealed

Something Terrible Happens To Vegeta (confirmed)

Recently some news were released and from that we can confirm that something terrible is going to happen to Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super Episode 107.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 is titled “Revenge “F” A Cunning Trap Has Been Laid?” The episode will be mainly focusing on Master Roshi, Frost, Vegeta and Magetta from what we know.

Dragon Ball Super fans are going to see Master Roshi again in Dragon Ball Super. Universe 6’s Ice-jin Frost will be taking advantage of Master Roshi’s weakened state.


Universe 6’s Kaioshin Fuwa ordered frost to eliminate fighters from Universe 7 but Frost had a condition that if he eliminates Universe 7’s warriors, then Fuwa needs to assist Frost in starting his business again and financing it and Universe ‘s Kaioshin Fuwa agreed to that condition.


Frost and Magetta will be cornering Master Roshi in the upcoming DBS episode 107, and in the desperate situation Master Rshi would be using Mafuba once again, there is a possibility that Master Roshi would be eliminated or worst case scenario, he may die in dbs ep 107.

Vegeta fans are more than worried because of the elimination theories surrounding him in tournament of power. According to the theory Vegeta is supposed to be eliminated No.3. But if he gets eliminated Dragon Ball Super Fandom will be more than just mad. He still hasn’t shown what he got from his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. And in addition, Goku would be lonely without him.

dragon ball super episode 107. 108. 109

It seems like Frost will be attempting to use the Mafuba against Vegeta. Mafuba is a great way to eliminate an enemy more powerful than you and you already know that. Though Vegeta is not “that” evil anymore, his pride is a bad trait that Vegeta still has.

According to latest news, which you can see in the screenshot below, Vegeta is going to get sealed in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 107. This is an alternate summary for upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode.


The reason why Frost will be using Mafuba is because his body glows like when Master Roshi is using the technique. He is also inside a green whirlwind light and his hands are raising upward. And in this next picture, his feet are next to the Mafuba container.

Frost does not even looked like being sucked inside the container. As I mentioned above, according to the theory Vegeta is supposed to be eliminated at No.3 and it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen in upcoming episode however it’s still unclear if he will be eliminated next or just going to get sealed and come out again.


Just a key-note that we predicated Frost using Mafuba and sealing or eliminating someone from Universe 7 in episode 107 but many thought it was just speculation but here we are again, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen in the upcoming episode.

We also have details for upcoming episode 108, it’s titled “Frieza and Frost! Two Evil Come Together?!” Frieza goes up to Gohan since Gohan is having a tough fight with the Yardrat, wait did you read that too? Yeah a damn Yardrat. At first it looked like he was there to help Gohan in defeating the Yardrat.

But then he announces that Frieza and Frost have decided to work together since they both have one thing in common, their hatred for Saiyans, and Gohan is suddenly put up in a touch situation?

That’s all we have for now, just an update that there will be no Dragon Ball Super episode on 10th September, DBS episode 107 will be airing on 17th September at 9 AM JST.

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Goku Vs Jiren Major Spoilers, Dragon Ball Super Episode 109

As we get closer and closer to the 1 hour Special of Dragon Ball Super in October we have been getting more and more leaks with information about the long awaited fight: Goku vs Jiren!


There was a lot of speculation on what was going to push Goku to his new limits, how strong is Jiren, and more importantly who is stronger? Well I may have some information on that, and in this Article I will outline what to expect to see in this upcoming fight.



Current spoilers reveal a lot of what’s to come when Goku finally confronts Jiren. How will Goku stack up to Jiren in Power and Speed? Well if these spoilers/leaks are correct then not very well. We all know when Goku needs speed as we have seen against Dyspo already he will rely on his Super Saiyan God Form, when Goku needs raw power Goku rely’s on his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue) Form. So what will Goku try and use against Jiren?


Goku will run at Jiren in base form, or the very most Super Saiyan 1 form at first, until Goku feels the power of Jiren. Once knowing that Jiren is the real deal, Goku will then try Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue) which will still be no match for Jiren. Feeling the power of Jiren, Goku decides to not hold back any longer and combine his Super Saiyan Blue Form with his Kaioken x20 not worrying about Ki, and stamina!

Credits: KenXyro and YonkouProd
Credits: KenXyro and YonkouProd


Even in Super Saiyan Blue Form with x20 Kaioken is still not enough for Jiren, as Jiren is not fazed by Goku’s power. Goku feeling that he let his friends, family, team, and Universe down decides to unleash a power deep inside. That is when Goku will unleash this “Limit Breaker” Form.

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