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Goku And Gohan Potara Fusion, How Powerful “Gokhan” Would Be?

Goku And Gohan Potara Fusion, How Powerful “Gokhan” Would Be?

The Potara earring is one of the most powerful tools in the Dragon Ball Universe. Not that it can destroy a planet or kill a powerful enemy. But it can create someone who can do such feats. Vegeta and Goku can wear the Potara earrings and form Vegito. They are the first mortals to use the Potara. But it would have been a different story if Gohan knows how to catch. In the end, Vegeta got that earring, and Vegito was born.

The first Potara Fusion among Z Warriors happened on Buu Saga. Buu seems undefeatable; even Ultimate Form Gohan failed to stop him. The only remaining option is for Goku and Gohan to fuse. That time, Gohan is far more powerful than Vegeta, who haven’t accessed the Super Saiyan Blue yet. Goku and Gohan’s Potara Fusion was named by some fans as Gokhan. And because of Gohan’s energy level, Gokhan was supposed to be more powerful than Vegito.

Disregarding new forms from Super, Gokhan would be more powerful than Vegito. That’s because Gohan’s potential was greater than Vegeta or Goku. And since Potara Fusion creates a fusion that mixes two people’s full power, Gokhan’s base would be stronger than Vegito. But then, Super came, and Gohan became a Geek. In this level, Gokhan would be outclassed by Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. Imagine if this picture below will happen.


Blue Gokhan will still be more powerful than Blue Vegito. Also, Blue Gokhan will also have the benefits of Gohan’s Ultimate Form. I’d like to think that it will cure the stamina problem that Super Saiyan Blue has.

This analysis is only based on the raw power that the created fusion has. Remember that Vegito was the perfect version of Vegeta and Goku. Goku’s lack of guard and Vegeta’s super stressed attitude was cured when they are Vegito.

Because of the rival boost, Vegito is so powerful. And not to mention that Vegeta is an excellent tactician, he has experiences that Gohan doesn’t have. If we’re going to rate power levels like Toriyama did, Goku would be 6, Beerus would be 10, Blue Vegito would be 11, Blue Gokhan would be 12, and Whis is 15.

Sometimes, events like this do make a big difference.

Super Namekian God In Dragon Ball Super

So as we all know in Dragon Ball Super the biggest impact in the series so far is the introduction to the God’s of Destruction, the Angel’s and the Super Saiyan God transformation. What about Super Namekian God?

What about Super Namekian God?

Another huge impact in the series was the introduction of the Super Dragon Balls and the infinite power they wield! There has been a lot of questions surrounding the Super Dragon Balls, mostly “where did they come from?”. Well in this Article I hope to spread a little insight in to this, and give you, the reader some ideas for this.

As we all know, in the past Namekian’s were split in to 2 classes or clans. There is the Warrior Clan which Piccolo is a part of, and the Dragon Clan which Kami was apart of, and now Dende. As Piccolo mentioned WAY back in Dragon Ball Z it takes a Dragon Clan Namekian in order to create the Dragon Balls and unleash the Dragon to grant wishes. So is this the same as the Super Dragon Balls? Did a bunch of Namekians come together many, many years ago to create them? I don’t think so, and here’s why!

What he can note from past episodes of Dragon Ball Z pertaining to the Dragon Balls that, it take a (meaning 1), Dragon Clan Namekian in order to create the Dragon Balls. If it were possible for multiple Namekians to combine their power in to one Dragon, don’t you think there would of been talks about it, or some lore passed down over the ages?


This is what leads me to believe there either is, or was a Super Namekian God. This could explain why both Universe 6 and 7 both have Namekians and why the Super Dragon Balls only reside with Universe 6 and 7. This is no hint as to where Namekians came from, it seems as if the Namekians and planet Namek just appeared out of nowhere one day, and also could explain why planet Namek continuously survives tragedy after tragedy like someone is watching over the Namekians…

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