Splatfest Invisibility vs Flight

Splatfest Invisibility vs Flight

Is it better to be invisible or to be able to fly? Would you prefer to fly to any destination that you desire, like Japan for instance; or would you prefer to be invisible, to sneak into the latest Marvel Movie for example. Which is superior? Which is more practical? It’s a discussion as old as the dawn of superheroes and on this weekend, Nintendo Fans can bring this discussion to a temporary close. Invisibility vs Flight is the theme of Splatoon 2’s third (3rd) annual Splatfest.

Be it single or team battles, Splatfest would be the battle ground in which Inklings of different colour and ages can battle for their preference in powers. To gain an edge, we at OtakiAni have decided to share some not so secret tips to help give you an edge in the upcoming battle.


1. Splatoon 2 is not a First Person Shooter (FPS). Again, Splatoon 2 is not a FPS like Call of Duty, Halo or Gears of War. So although it is and does feel good to have the highest kills on the map, you can still lose the battle (and points) despite this. Splatoon 2 is and as far as we can see, would always be a turf war. The point of the game is to primarily get and control as much turf before the timer ends and secondly to eliminate any from the opposing team that threatens to take over your turf (sounds like Scarface). By shifting your attention from high Player Kills (PK) to turf control, you’ll be able to increase your chances of victory.

2. Learn your weapon. Most new comers to the Splatoon franchise, dove head first into online play and did not play Story Mode much or at all (myself included). I get it, the hype is real. The internet puts pressure on us to jump into online play to enjoy the hype, level and rank up. Which is fun and nothing like competitive battles to really get you into the game. However, it would be wise to focus a bit on campaign mode a bit to properly learn your weapons. Story mode gives you the chance to use your weapons in a less stressful environment. Story Mode also teaches you how to use any weapon that you equip and gives you multiple scenarios and environs to test these weapons. So even if you are a veteran Inkling, it is always wise to test your weapon in story mode to know its full capabilities.

3. Upgrade your gear. This step is basically self explanatory and I hope that for the past week, everyone was grinding as hard as they can to get their gear (including your Splatfest Tee) at a level ready for war. It’s always best to get gear that suits your weapons, team (if possible) and fighting style. Although it is good to check the internet for suggestions, it is still better to experiment on your own to get that set that fit you. Luckily, your friendly neighbourhood sea urchin Murch, would scrub your Splatfest Tee for only $2,000. So you can pick your favourite outfit and customise it to match your unique style.

4. Keep your energy up. If you’re like me, you’ll try to play as much as possible from start to finish. Not impossible but it does posses a lot of health risks. My advice, if you haven’t already, is to stock up on some snacks and drinks. No energy drinks, water, juice and a few soda; trail mix or granola bars. But above all, get some rest in between. Vying for the top is all well and good, but lack of sleep would reduce your ability to concentrate and hamper your overall performance.


Invisibility or flight? Which would prevail. Your opinion would be conveyed during this Splatfest held this weekend. No matter your preferred style of battling or the amount of hours you wish to dedicate to this, be sure to remember to have fun and enjoy Splatfest to its fullest.

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