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One Of The Biggest One Piece Mystery Solved?

One Of The Biggest One Piece Mystery Solved?

Hi everyone, today I would like to address the hardcore fans who want to know everything about One Piece by shining some light on that foggy place called the Florian Triangle Mystery.

To all hardcore anime fans that watched couple of anime throughout the years, by now you should have seen a pattern in the biggest anime ever. It shouldn’t surprise you that many great writers include folkore, tales, legends and myths into their work.


Oda used many legends, myths, gods, deities from around the world like Pluton, Poseidon, Hydra, Shandora based on El Dorado the City of Gold, Cerberus the 3-headed hound of Hades that guards the gates of the underworld and much more.


The Florian Triangle is no exception as it is a depiction of The Bermuda Triangle, where many ships and small planes end up missing. The Florian Triangle is found on the way from Water 7 heading to Fishman Island. It is covered in a heavy fog that sunlight cannot pass through.


Kokoro said that many pirates and other ships go missing every year but sometimes ships will be found man less wondering in the sea. It is fairly known that haunted ships have been found sailing the seas but that was revealed that it was Brook’s fault.


10 years before the series Gekko Moriah must have heard about all these stories before, so he went on his ship Thriller Bark to the Florian Triangle and use the thick fog into trapping victims by stealing their soul and keeping them in the dark fog. The mystery of the Florian Triangle came before him so the disappearance of ships wasn’t all his doing but something prior and more sinister.


Thriller Bark is the world’s largest ship in the series so far, Oars was 39m height around 23 times the height of the average human. He was still small taking into consideration with the Thriller Bark. Now if you take also into consideration the 3 dark shadows present in the Florian Triangle we cannot imagine the height of this creature.


Before Luffy and his crew headed to the Sky Island, they saw 3 shadows of giants with wings which after they learned that they were Shandorians and I quote from the manga series “when the sunlight is blocked by people standing high in the sky… the shadows cast on the fog below will be very big… Big enough for people to mistaken them as giants in the fog.”


The biggest animal in the series that we had the pleasure to see Zunisha the millennium old elephant having the Mink Tribe living on the island Zou on its back. The creatures of the Florian Triangle cannot be part of Zunisha’s relatives or pack, so what can it be?

The answer lies in an old, widely popular Japanese legend of a creature living in the ocean. This creature was covered by many popular anime series like Mononoke, City Hunter, Ghost in a Shell, Gintama and more.


The creature is called Umibōzu, in the other anime Umibōzu takes different forms and in One Piece, Usopp believed that Wadatsumi is the Umibōzu. I believe this is a miss conception played perfectly by Oda into misleading us on purpose and here is some proof on why I believe that.


Umibōzu is believed to be a creature living in the ocean, anyone who dares to talk to it, it will capsize the ship of the victims. It is also believed by others that the Umibōzu is a demonic yōkai or specter, the characters of Umibōzu is represented by the character of the sea and of buddhist monks.


It is believed that to not anger the Umibōzu, fishermen and people wanting to travel on the sea have to say proper prayers and send out a bottomless barrel prior heading out to sea. The bottomless barrel is used to so that if they anger the Umibōzu, it will drown the victims in the barrel filled with sea water so the bottomless barrel is used to prevent that horrible fate.

If you remember correctly, the Florian Triangle is found between Water 7 and Fishman Island. The Strawhats found a barrel before entering the Florian Triangle and before entering Fishman Island, Usopp and the others believed that Wadatsumi is the Umibōzu which make us think that the hints are all there but Wadatsumi doesn’t fit the Umibōzu legends as he isn’t evil or sinister like a yōkai so it must mean that we still have to see the Umibōzu that probably will lead us back to the Void Century like Oda loves to do these kinds of things.


One last thing, usually in anime when an evil villain or when an enraged person appears they have red eyes or a shade of red aura symbolizing danger and what have we seen just at the last minute of these 3 humongous creatures 2 glowing red sparkling eyes on top of the middle creature, this should further make more sense that the 3 creatures that we haven’t seen the full picture in the Florian Triangle are the actual Umibōzu.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the Florian Triangle creature are the Umibōzu or is it something else? Let us know in the comment section and hope to see you again in the next post.

Monkey D. Luffy Is Dying In One Piece

In today’s list, I will be talking about the top reason why Monkey D. Luffy is dying, what has shortened his life so much and what is going to happen to him.

Monkey D Luffy Gear 5

1. Gears 2 & 3

During the Enies Lobby Arc, Robin Lucci pointed out that Luffy Gear 2, is shortening his life by using it as it strains his body to another level. The good news post time-skip, Luffy has managed to master his Gears and won’t shorten his life like before. Have you noticed after using 3rd Gear, he doesn’t shrink anymore?

2. Magellan’s Hydra

Luffy wanted to liberate Ace from Impel Down but he ended up fighting Magellan, he wanted to know how he could infiltrate Impel Down. Luffy not wanting to sell out his friend Boa Hancock, didn’t sell her out. During their fight Luffy started hitting Magellan but only injuring himself with Magellan’s Hydra, he also breathed out a Poison Cloud into the air which made Luffy weaker and weaker until he couldn’t fight anymore, his body started failing him and couldn’t move. Magellan covered Luffy’s body with Hydra and told him he only had 24 hours to live.

3. Emporio Ivankov’s Healing Hormone

After the incident with Magellan, Luffy was being cured by Emporio Ivankov by giving him the Healing Hormone alongside Tension Hormone. The Healing Hormone cuts 10 years lifespan on the receiver so Luffy had 10 years removed from him. The Tension Hormone have 2 side effects, one feeling tired after it wears out and feeling nauseous. Receving one shot from the Tension Hormone will give that effect but Luffy has 2 shots which after it’s effect he couldn’t move at all and the Healing Hormone. I believe it removed more than just 10 years from him as his body was already decaying from poison and over use from all the adrenaline he received.

4. Gear 4

Whilst in Rusukaina, Luffy managed to master Gear 2 and 3rd. Luffy uses 2nd Gear for a shorter period just several seconds than before as he knows it takes a lot of energy and he could use that energy for Gear 4 when encountering deadly opponents. He also mastered 3rd Gear as after he uses it, he doesn’t shrink but with Gear 4 he has a time limit on it. This shows us that he still hasn’t mastered it yet and decreases his lifespan. The reason being, he hasn’t controlled the full potential of Gear 4 and this will lead into misuse and damaging himself in the process.


5. Bonus: What Will Happen To Him?

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