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Dr. Rota’s Possible True Ability [Theory]

Dr. Rota’s Possible True Ability [Theory]

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super has shown Tien’s tenacity. He won’t lose hope even though he is falling. He won’t let victory happen for someone who has taken him down. Overall, Tien’s ability is decent and is worthy of Beerus’ respect. Speaking of real skills, here is a guy who received no chance of showing his true power. Dr. Rota from Universe 6 left the viewers a particular spot for their imaginations.

This guy from Universe 6 only has one episode in the Tournament of Power. It is impossible that a man like him will survive that long if his strength is that of fodder. I think Dr. Rota was a good warrior with a unique ability. But because he is a cocky character, he let his guard down. Because of that, he was hit by the sniper. He was shown to be fatally wounded and appears to be unable to fight.

And then, he surprised us when he was shown alive and well near the end of the episode. He then tried to take revenge against Prum while trying to make his ability known…again. But he was blasted away by Vegeta’s Galick Gun together with Prum. The Prince of Saiyan is killjoy sometimes always. The episode left a curious question to the viewers: what is Dr. Rota’s ability and why is he called a “Doctor”?

A “Doctor” is someone who is practicing medicine as a profession. They are good in seeing what is weak or wrong in the human’s body. They will then try to cure their patient by some methods like needles and sharp things. But instead of curing, Dr. Rota uses this ability to exploit someone’s weakness against them. For example, if he will look at Goku, he would know in just a few glance that Goku’s weakness is him being relaxed just by Goku’s stance (kidding, his true weakness are needles).

Champa might’ve seen Dr. Rota’s potential when he’ll be paired with Hit. Hit is an assassin, but it is impossible that Hit will know every creature’s body and their weak spots. Unluckily for Dr. Rota, Hit likes to work alone. It was also seen that Gohan was hurt after he fought with Dr. Rota. (It was not shown, but it was implied). The fight was not shown to make things more interesting. But…yeah. Whatever.

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