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Admiral Aokiji Is On A Secret Mission On Blackbeard Pirates


Former Marine Admiral Aokiji also known as Kuzan. He left the marines to join the Blackbeard Pirates. What a weird transition, is there a reason to why from a Marine Admiral he joined the enemies of the World Government? Is he working undercover? Let us explore and try to find out the theory on what is happening. Here is my top list of Kuzan is working undercover for Akainu.

Aokiji describe his motto as “Lazy Justice” as he does not do things like the World government does. He weights the situation appropriately and if a fight is worthy in diving head on to it, he will do it. On the other hand, Akainu also known as Sakazuki bestows the motto of “Absolute Justice” where whoever gets in the way of the World Government he doesn’t think twice to eliminate or kill.

Admiral Aokiji Is On A Secret Mission On Blackbeard Pirates

Admiral Aokiji

1. Fued between Aokiji and Sakazuki

It all started when Sakazuki disregard the orders given to him to let the people of Ohara who weren’t involved or know of the Poneglyphs during the Buster Call to escape instead he killed all the innocent citizens of Ohara ending Aokiji calling him fool for what he has done.


Fast forward through time, Sakazuki was named as Fleet Admiral, Aokiji wasn’t pleased by this as Sakazuki was too much of a threat instead of helping people and the civilization to thrive, he will destroy anything in the path of the World Government, Aokiji fought Sakazuki on the Punk Hazard island for 10 days straight ending up Aokiji with an ice prosthetic for his left leg.

Aokiji fought Sakazuki

2. The Aftermath of Marineford

After the war in Marineford two notable members of the World Government resigned. Sengoku the Fleet Admiral and Aokiji. The Gorosei promoted the one who killed Ace, Akainu to Fleet Admiral whilst Sengoku was relieved of his position. A huge wave of pirates with the will to find the One Piece will set sail to the New World. The World Government needs reinforcements quick so they offered Sengoku to be Inspector General taking care of corruption, defects in the Marines and maladministration.


The 10-day fight between Aokiji and Akainu for the position of Fleet Admiral took place and we can only speculate to what happened as it is still yet to be shown. Aokiji lost the fight and resigned from his position and joined the Blackbeard pirates. So, while Sengoku fixes the World Government from the inside Akainu must gave the option to help the World Government, stop the fight as Akainu overpowered him, to uncover the secret to how Blackbeard attained 2 devil fruits. Aokiji would find this option well as this would be a worthy fight to fight for.


3.Working for Sakazuki

Sakazuki is not the type of person to fool around with. He destroyed the Island of Ohara, punch through Portgas D. Ace’s chest and left him dead, had a 10-day fight with Aokiji and winning it so it would seem that after all that he would kill Aokiji too. Well… Let’s go a little while back when in Marineford he manipulated Squard to kill WhiteBeard and by this action the war was changed into getting the upper hand for World Government and win the war.

Blackbeard and Luffy

After Aokiji got defeated by Sakazuki he might have been ordered to follow BlackBeard to understand how he managed to eat 2 devil fruit powers and remain alive. After all, BlackBeard betrayed the White Beard, the Marines and admitting all of it. This would be the reasons for Aokiji will rethink his position and accept the offer and submitting to him.

4. Blackbeard’s 2 Devil Fruit Powers

Blackbeard owns 2 devil fruit powers. One being his own power which he stole and killed Thatch for it known as the Dark Dark Fruit which controls darkness at will and the other he obtained it after killing WhiteBeard, the Tremor Tremor Fruit which is considered the most powerful out of the Paramecia class. This all happened right in front of the World Government and surely, they need to know how Blackbeard has managed to take WhiteBeard’s power and make it his. It would be a great asset for the Navy into battling Pirates and eradicate them.


5. Punk Hazard’s Lab

Last but certainly not least, after the 10-day fight of Aokiji vs Akainu Punk Hazard ended having one side of the island filled with flames and the other side with ice. The fight effected the climate to remain that way but somehow Vegapunk’s Lab remained intact apart from one tower, all Caeser’s man survived and all the monsters too. Aokiji during the Marineford war stopped 2 tsunamis which were bigger than the whole Marineford and froze them whilst in Punk Hazard is power was kind of redundant whilst on Akainu’s part, he can melt the whole island with his Magma Magma fruit yet there is something missing.


So that is it, tell us what you think about this Fan based Theory and if you would like to see more of these lists please let us know in the comment section below.

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